Port de Dahouet

Port de Dahouet – photo courtesy of R2prod


Picture by marinas.com


Picture by marinas.com


The entrance to the channel leading to the marina. Do not pass too close to the white and green tower. You can just see the red post on the far rock


Slipway below the monument, note the 2 white posts – don’t go inside them!


Entrance to the Marina from the seaside. Entrance is marked with normal red and green posts, yellow posts show the marina wall. There is not much of a lip to the marina “gate”. It is slightly deeper on the starboard side of the entrance as you go in.


The marina wall is not a wall at all. Note the yellow posts


Entrance to the Marina – visitors moorings are on the right. No fingers – just a long pontoon like Carteret. It is slightly deeper on the starborad side of the entrance as you go in. Do not moor between the pontoon and the slipway.


Visitors Pontoon


Facilities at the top of the visitors’ ramp (should be replaced by now)


Marina Office


Note tide gauge before the green pole. There is also one on the starboard side as you enter the marina. They were underwater when we arrived at high tide so we could not see them!


The beach leading the Town – Plage du Val Andre

Dahouet is 59nm from Guernsey. Dahouet is across the bay ESE ish from St Quay.

Guide du Port – http://www.guide-du-port.com/port-dahouet-piegu/


We visited in late May 2012 and had previous reports that everything would be open. This was not the case and even the 2 restaurants that were open during the day, the Jez and the Petite Navire were closed when we tried to eat in the evening. They only served food at lunchtime.

We then had to walk for 30 mins into Val Andre to get some food as there was nowhere else.


There were plans to replace them and hopefully they have now been replaced. Any updates would be appreciated

2012 report said “At first sight, they looked OK but on closer inspection, they were dirty and poorly maintained. While we were there they were never cleaned and the toilet roll dispensers were left empty. The showers work with a jeton which is purchased from a machine at the entrance to the facilities and costs Euro 2. It takes change. Showers are basic with no hangers and start too cold and finish too hot. Disappointing.You have to press a button on the shower unit to make the water come out. This is obvious in the men’s’ showers but not the ladies.The door is quite stiff to open from the inside. Watch your knuckles and children may not be able to get out.”




Port Office

The Port Office is the other side of the marina. The service in 2012 was poor. Even the weather forecast was 3 days out of date. Good job there is free wifi. Wifi times out every 30mins and you have to re-login. It does not seem to support VPN.

We believe the marina opens about 2 hours either side of high tide on neaps and 2.5 hours on springs, but please check. The marina opening times are contained in a booklet in the harbourmaster’s office but we could not find it on the internet.

Val Andre is ten mins on bike or 30 mins walk from the boulangerie. A lovely beach there.


Boulangerie is 10 mins walk from the visitors pontoon.

Cliff walk is good, not suitable for bikes. Takes about 50 mins from visitors pontoon to Val Andre centre.

There is also a small chandlery in Dahouet, a Tabac/bar, a boulangerie and a takeaway.

Dahouet itself is very quaint and usually not too crowded, however, Pleneuf-Val-Andre is a short cycle or walk along the coast. A typical French holiday resort with excellent beach, casino and lots going on.

The entrance to Dahouet is a little forbidding but not a hairy as it looks. A bit like going into a bigger and wider version of Beaucette Marina entrance in Guernsey.

Pilot Guide – en.val-andre.org/

Contact information

Tel: 06 80 07 53 93 (mobile)

Tel no 02 96 72 82 85

Fax: 02 96 72 82 85

Website: www.pleneuf-val-andre.fr

Marina Master is Guy FRAVEL

E-mail – portdahouet@pleneuf-val-andre….

We have e-mailed the marina office on a number of occasions and never received a reply in English or French. We also e-mailed the Tourist Office and did not get a response. It is not surprising people go elsewhere.

Wikipedia – (french) – fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dahouet



www.trekearth.com/gallery/Euro… Pléneuf Val-André Sites


Tides – tide.frbateaux.net/56

About halfway up the harbour in Dahouet there is a beacon (green?) on the starboard side with a reading of the depth over the sill at the time. (they were under water last time we arrived)

High Tide is about 40mins before Guernsey (please check)


Map –  en.val-andre.org/discover/map-…

Weather – www.fallingrain.com/world/FR/A…

Long-term www.worldweatheronline.com/Dah…

Web Cam – http://www.pleneuf-val-andre.fr/webcams

Yacht Club

The Val-André YC have their clubhouse in Dahouët. The Secretary is Alain CHEVREL, contact details: alanchevrel@orange.fr or +33 (0)296.729.232. The Yacht Club contact is ycva@orange.fr


There are basically three eating places on the quay (opposite the marina in Dahouet). The Petite Navire the Tiwanee and Le Zef.


A 2011 visitor from Guernsey reported. “Ate at the Tiwanee the first night. Its very good food, menu good choice, and good value. Its halfway down the quay and there are two trees in front which obscure the name. Normally they only open in June/July/August.  Very good atmosphere. (tel 02 96 63 05 85. Quai des Terre-Neuvas). However, in 2012 there was a sign up saying they would open in mid-June.




Le Zef

At Le Zef there is a limited choice (but good moules). A bit expensive for what it was.

Report from 2012 – good galettes crepes and quite a good menu. Service a bit slow although we did get the last seat. The manager said they do open in the evenings, but not Wednesday as it is Boxing Day (he boxes).


Le Zef

Petite Navire

We have eaten at Petite Navire in the past and it was perfectly ok. (02 96 72 96 92 Quai des Terre-Neuvas)

Similar menu to Le Zef. Galettes and Crepes looked fine. Closed in the evenings. Like some places, they are open most of the afternoon, but not for food.


Le Petit Navire



There is also L’Atelier–a cafe with basic food. In late May 2012 appeared to be closed, however, the next day when we passed, the awning was out, the doors were open and there were a couple of tables outside.

Otherwise, there are many restaurants in Val Andre–ten mins on bike or 25 mins walk.”


  • Pléneuf – Tuesday
  • Lamballe – Thursday
  • Val-André – Friday
  • Erquy – Saturday