Tide tables – 2017 – and marina gate opening times however please read the important information below

Latest information from Dielettte – The gate is still under repair, it should be back to normal by the middle of July.

The gate does not open and therefore please use the following information from Dielette Marina

Taking the opening and closing times of the gate on our book as a calculation basis: considering the top of the gate used to be (before opening and when closing) 5.00 CD, and considering that the cofferdam top is now 5.50 CD, add 30 minutes after the theoretic opening hour of the gate or subtract 30 minutes before the theoretic closing hour of the gate to get the level 0 of water over the cofferdam.
As example : on Saturday 15th April : theoretic opening time 7.59am, theoretic closing time 2.27pm, the boats will be able to pass over the cofferdam from 8.30am to 2pm, considering there will be 0 meter of water at these specific times. The yachtsmen will have then to add their draught, as they are doing when the gate is working.

The other advice is to consult the website marée.info > Diélette maree.info/37 where you can choose the day you want to come and the level of water you need : 5.50m + draught.

Finally, in case of doubt, we will answer to all the questions yachtsmen could have, by e-mail or by phone.

The link to the tide tables and original marina opening times are www.cc-lespieux.fr/fr/port-die…

News from a fellow boater

We were in Dielette at the weekend (2nd April 2017) and the marina gate is broken again. The gate lights are permanently set to red. The first picture shows a temporary barrage but more importantly a new depth gauge on the right showing depth of water available from the top of the temporary barrage.

The second picture shows the removal of the old gate and the gauge from the marina side.

Visited in May 2017 and the red lights are still on all the time. We think that signifies the gate has not dropped but you can go through.

We have a draught of 1m  and we could get in around 1 hour after the time in the marina opening tables. That was on a Guernsey 8m tide.

photos courtesy of Tim Bean

There is a new depth gauge installed (with smaller digits than previously) which displays 0m. at the top of the gate.

























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2016 photos with thanks to Patrick Banfield and Richard Bird

2016 brochure – dielette

The harbour is reasonably 24 hour access but best check with the Marina Harbourmaster. The outer pontoons can be used for mooring (but there may be a swell) and can also be used to increase your arrival / departure times.

The most useful page – www.cc-lespieux.fr/fr/port-die…

When there was 1m of water at the shallowest point of the harbour entrance, the depth at the pontoon in front of the Dielette harbour office was approx 1.9m. A Guernsey Chart Datum of 2.5m would give about 1m at the entrance of Dielette harbour in 2010.

Boats having a berth in Guernsey have a 50 % discount on the mooring fees during all the year, except June, July and August. Jersey boats have a 50% discount all the year except on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.


New pontoons in main pool area – outside of marina. Installed August 2011. Photo by Roger Alcock


The new pontoons are a mixture of waiting pontoons, pontoons for visitor stays and some permanent berths for smaller local boats. Photo by Roger Alcock

Dielette is a very pleasant marina and often has room available when Carteret is full. Only 20 mins from Carteret by car / taxi. The closest french marina to Guernsey.

The marina staff do not come out to provide guidance but stay in their marina office. No village or town close by and so not much to do unless you have a car.

There are pontoons in the harbour where you can moor if the tide is too low to get into the Marina. Sometimes there is a bit of a surge, especially at the harbour mouth and towards low tide. You cannot get in the harbour at all tides as it has silted up, so beware. Also – be careful near the wall of the marina on the harbour side, there is a big sill.

"A" pontoon for visitors. Largest fingers are near the entrance gate.

“A” pontoon for visitors. Longest fingers are near the entrance gate – photo by Colin Le Conte 2016


Don’t go right up to the poles – picture by Richard Bird





Pilot Guide – Capitainerie – 02 33 53 68 78
VHFChannel 9

The marina office speaks good english and responds very well to e-mails. The marina staff are very helpful


Web site: http://www.cc-lespieux.fr/fr/port-dielette/port-dielette-en-vogue/default.asp

Tides – maree.info/37

Marina opening timeswww.cc-lespieux.fr/fr/port-die……

Map www.cc-lespieux.fr/fr/port-die……

Supermarkets – Restaurant L’Escale sells take away croissants and baguettes in the morning. Provisions can be obtained by walking over 2 km to Flamanville where there is a small bread shop and another selling groceries. It is a long hill.

Otherwise a taxi to Les Pieux puts you in a small town with two good supermarkets. A longer walk along the coast (take water if it’s hot) brings you to Flamanville nuclear power station where there is an exhibition of some interest and staff who will happily answer all questions and sell you a nuclear power plant.

Useful information from Bumblebee – www.bumblebee.gg/media/14352/D…

Restaurants – 

L’Escale The L’Escale is on the pier, eat in or outside. Moules and frites or Entrecôte and frites are their specialities.

Very helpful manager who speaks really good english. Sitting outside in the sun (on the red chairs) is great if sunny. Inside, the room is modern but the fluorescent lighting is disappointing.

Richard says – make sure the steak is French style (à point – very pink!) otherwise it will end up like a piece of charcoal.

Moules are good especially so because of the very high turn over, it is used a lot by locals and will be busy on Sunday during the summer. More so now that the new power station is being built and they have included specials at lunchtime aimed at the those workers.

Meal report from September 2011: ‘Good, fast service and food came out in no time. Moules were excellent. RibEye Steak was disappointing. Little difference between the steak ordered as a point (pink) and the 2 which were bien cuit (well done).’

Meal report May 2017, Great Moules, RibEye steak still very disappointing. Overcooked chips meant only have of them were edible. Cafe Gourmand for dessert was awesome.


Note: The nearby fish warehouse is now closed.

Le Bouche a Oreille Down a track a ten minute pleasant walk away is Le Bouche a Oreille. A great atmosphere and food cooked on the log fire. Maitre’d speaks good English, so you can easily book in advance by phone even if your French is limited like mine. Very good meal in October 2016

Tel no, e-mail contact@boucheaoreille-siouvil… .web site http://www.leboucheaoreille-siouvillehague.fr/

Hotel du Phare On a small hilltop overlooking the marina is probably the oldest of the Dielette restaurants. In May 2017 we were told the restaurant is now closed permanently.

Hotel de La Falaise Further along the coast road towards the power station is Hotel de La Falaise, once again an easy walk all on the flat. Nicely presented rooms with typical old hotel type atmosphere and food of hotel quality.


The Semaphore My favourite is The Semaphore with superb views from the cliff top location of Sark, Jersey and Alderney. Food the best in the area but will need to book as the French love it too. I was told by someone that if you book at the Semaphore restaurant, they now offer to pick you up from the marina. Closed when we tried to book in October 2016


The former Yacht Club – picture by Alexander Bird

Le Raz Banchard The night time pictures are of the Le Raz Banchard which was (or is) the Yacht Club, the name comes from the French for the Alderney Race.

Food very pleasant but such a pity the menu is always the same, we would so much enjoy the choice of a weekend special, mind you that doesn’t stop us going because the atmosphere is probably the best of all the restaurants in the area. Pleasant bar and also a veranda for a cool beer on a summer’s evening and when it is colder they light up the log fire. Closed most evenings in October 2016 even though the sign said it would be open.

Market day – Sunday (high season)

Web camwww.cc-lespieux.fr/fr/port-die…


Bus – I am told there is a free bus in Dielette July and August 2011 (as attached top of page)

Car Rental / Hire cars – I am told you can rent a car through L’Escale although they were closed whenever we tried. Tel no +33 2 33 52 67 10.

We rented through http://www.francecars.fr/ who were very helpful and efficient. Where it says “Modifier l’agence” on the web site, type in Cherbourg and then a drop down list should show Dielette, Carteret Yacht Club, Saint Vaast and of course Cherbourg. They delivered the car on a truck.