St. Sampson’s Harbour – Wholesale Diesel (+300ltrs)

For larger volumes (minimum order 300 litres) of marine diesel (ULSD/AGO FAME free) Rubis Channel Islands service pleasure vessels at the St. Sampson’s Pontoon facility. This is now increased in length to accommodate larger vessels (see photo). Orders are by arrangement and customers can charge to their account or pay with credit/debit cards for the best fuel price on the day. Just call or if planning a few days in advance, email.

Rubis St. Sampson’s Wholesale by Arrangement

Tel. +44 (0) 1481 200800

Rubis St. Sampson’s Wholesale Current Price Per Litre: £0.495

Based on 300 litre order
Includes all local taxes and duty
Volume and account discounts available
Price correct as at 12 March 2018.

Rubis Channel Islands also fuel larger vessels direct from tankers on the commercial berths in St. Peter Port (see photo).

Rubis St Sampson’s

Rubis St Peter Port








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