Picture of the Rance at Dinan from the bridge – picture by Colin S Le Conte


The passage from Lyvet to Dinan is now really well marked. Note red & brown and black and white marks


Arrival at Dinan. The pontoon on the right is reserved for a ferry and cannot be used


The fingers in Dinan are short and only suitable for short boats. Many of the boats look like they have not moved for a long time


A beautiful place with a great upper town. Can get hot in the summer


If your air draught is low you can pass under the bridge at Dinan and go up to and past the next lock


From the Chatalier lock to Dinan is a great journey and takes approx 25 mins.

Going from Lyvett to Dinan, it is very well marked and you need to leave red and brown buoys to the port and black and white to starboard.

Bow in or stern in, although for ease of access stern in on most motor boats. No need for an anchor for Dinan but will be useful on the way up as there is one place worth staying that has no pontoons and you may also have to wait for the tide before going through the Chatelier lock that takes you up the canal to Dinan the port.

– Port de Dinan
Tél :


The Bureau du Port is the 2nd building from the right. Harbourmaster is very helpful

– Port de la Vicomté sur Rance
Tél :

– Port de Saint Samson sur Rance
Tél : (mairie).

Contact information

Interesting recent article – 2010 – sarahjaneodyssey.blogspot.com/……





Le Bistrot du Viaduc Tel 00 33 2 96 85 95 00
Located on the far side of the high bridge that goes over the river from the upper Dinan town.
If it is still like it used to be, this is arguably the best restaurant in Dinan. Edward

DINAN – Town

Canterbury – near the big square, not cheap but very good food. Jean and Mike

* La Duchess Anne. Tel: 2 96 39 59 76. At the far side of the main square. Small but reasonably priced (like the Pelican used to be!). Nine rooms if you are tired of the boating life. Very good portions and food. Andréa and Jacky now own this.

** Auberge du Pelican (formerly Le Pelican) Tel 2 96 3947 05. Very good and attractive restaurant with pastel shades in place of the red gingham table- cloths. Has returned to “pelican” style of menu. i.e. €10; €12 etc depending on the number of courses. Now “upmarket and fairly expensive. Strongly recommended for service, food and style.

*** Chez La Mère Pourcel: Tel; 2 96 39 03 80. A more gentile restaurant with very good food and higher prices. Set in a beautiful 15th century building with silver service. Definitely dine in style.

** Le Saigon : Tel 2 96 85 21 18. The best Vietnamese restaurant outside of Vietnam. Booking a must at weekends. Their steamed dishes are wonderful. Does takeaways too.

DINAN – Port.

**** Le Cottage (Rue du Petit Fort) Tel 2 96 87 96 70. Wonderful Cote de Boeuf or Rib over wood with a dozen oysters – all for €28. Service is brilliant and Booking is essential. Wine reasonably priced. Beautiful half-timbered surroundings. Claire and Yvan (also the Chef), Anthony and Vanessa are in charge. Another recommendation for this place received 2011 from Jean and Mike

** Chez Bongrain (On the Quay)(fomerly La Saladiere) Tel: 2 96 87 57 51. Excellent traditional menu or the new “hot stone” avaialble.

** Le Myrian Bar (by the bridge overlooking the river) Marvellous for a drink by the riverside either inside or out. Now a full restaurant with pizza and brasserie.

*** are based on value for money, good service and cuisine – with thanks to ©Stan Cleal

Papillon – Good for moules and chips and also has inexpensive accommodation.

Market day