November 2016 – Very helpful marina staff although we were criticised for not listening out on VHF Channel 9. We normally listen out on VHF Channel 16 and would only have used VHF Channel 9 to call up the marina officials if required. Please listen out on VHF 9 when arriving at Saint Quay, or even better, have your radio on dual watch.

Saint Quay Portrieux – Port D’armor is an excellent base for your boating. It is a large (1040 boats) non-tidal marina with excellent facilities and very helpful, English speaking marina staff.

We were met as we approached Pontoon 7 – the visitors pontoon by the Marina’s orange rib and shown to our finger. You could not have better service. Same again in 2015.

The staff all speak fluent English and are really helpful. They have even added a “log cabin” (a wooden hut) at the top of the visitors’ ramp so you do not have to go to the harbour office and it is manned from something like 8 am to 8 pm each day. You can pay there, get information on the TiBus and where to go – everything.

The new Log Cabin well manned all day with helpful English speaking staff

The new Log Cabin well manned all day with helpful English speaking staff – photo by Colin 2015

The facilities are large and clean and there are good restaurants and cafes at the marina and the old harbour. Good beaches and coastal walks complete the package.


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Approaching Saint Quay Portrieux from the North and West, you will approach the Ile Harbour lighthouse on Roches de St Quay (pictured from land)


Pictures by Colin S Le Conte



The fuelling pontoon



The marina office – Capitainerie


Saint Quay is also an excellent base for the Fishing Fleet

The facilities are large and clean with plenty of showers. No jetons, just put the money in the slot as you go in the door and select your cubical. You have one minute before the hot water starts and then 7 mins for your shower.…

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Guide du Port…




Le Victoria

Excellent food including Pizzas, Omelettes and Moules & Frites


French bread is served from Quin Ocean at the marina each morning


This is an actual Boulangerie and is a few mins walk around the old harbour. We were told it is very good here

Creperie du Port – Good food and service. Less expensive than at the marina. Located around the old Harbour just before the Spar shop. Tel 02 96 70 40 04

Groceries – the closest shop is the Spar shop around the Old Harbour.

Nice walks…



The Old Harbour with a very convenient beach


Popular beach to the North of the Harbour