Here is the latest information for trips to Jersey, France and England from Guernsey.

I don’t want to display an out of date map, so please refer to… for the latest map and zones.

I have tried to put together the process for trips to various places which will be updated as the news changes.
I hope you find it useful. This is not authoritative so please do check the facts on the official government information pages.

If you find any information which is not correct or requires updating, or your personal experiences, please let me know. We are also keen to collect information on your experiences, especially when the various ports in France open up.

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All Arrivals – the following applies to arrivals from Jersey, France and England

See Visiting Vessels, local Boat Owners and Private Aircraft | States of Guernsey – COVID-19 (
After 14th May as long as the travellers haven’t been to a cat 3 or 4 country or region, all they need to do is use the Travel Tracker, register the details and take a test on arrival. Isolate till negative result returned by text and then passive follow up for 14 days with an additional test on day 7.  If they go back before day 7 they are asked to test on the way out. 

People going to Alderney or Sark should test in Guernsey or they can test in Alderney if going direct.


From 1st July, it is planned that anyone having had two vaccines where the last one was over 14 days ago, can enter the island without any conditions. Please check the official websites for the latest information.

With effect from 14 May 2021 travellers arriving in the Bailiwick from a category 2 country or region will be able to take a test on arrival and, subject to a negative result, will be in passive follow up until day 14 with an additional COVID-19 test on day 7.

It is anticipated that this further easing of border restrictions will see an increase in private boat owners travelling between the Bailiwick, Jersey and category 2 regions of the UK.

As private boat owners are not constrained by set travel schedules (other than the tides) a temporary testing tent is being erected on the Hammerhead of the Crown Pier to enable travellers to access the tent for COVID-19 tests on arrival from the swan pontoons.

Local Notices to Mariners 021/2021

As of Friday 14 May 2021, the Swan Pontoons will be designated as arrival pontoons for visitors from outside of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. From 14 May 2021 the Swan Pontoons must not be used by local boats unless returning from outside of the Bailiwick. A local vessel using the Swan Pontoons after 14 May could result in an instruction for all onboard to self-isolate.

  • Test on arrival
  • Isolate until test result received
  • Passive follow up
  • Test on Day 7

Once you have taken a Covid test, you will either be required to self-isolate on the self- isolation pontoons, local boats will probably be advised to proceed to your permanent mooring.

If you are advised to proceed to your permanent mooring, you must then travel directly from your mooring to your home address and await the test result. The harbourmaster has kindly advised that you will be able to stay on your boat overnight if you need to, awaiting your test results.

Any person arriving in the Bailiwick from anywhere in the world (including, for the avoidance of doubt, Jersey and the United Kingdom) will be required to provide specified information and satisfactory proof of their identity to any customs officer, police officer or other authorised person who requests the information. This information is required in order to enable the Medical Officer of Health to contact that person without delay during their self-isolation period.

Travellers are required to provide this information using the Travel Tracker. More information can be found here:

What does Passive Follow-up mean?

See… follow up means a person:

  • Must at all times be vigilant for symptoms, however mild, of COVID-19; must report any such symptoms immediately to the Clinical Helpline; and must comply with any instructions given by Public Health thereafter (which may, for the avoidance of doubt, include an immediate resumption of self-isolation);
  • Must not enter a nursing, care or residential home without the prior agreement of the manager of the home, received after having informed the manager of the home of their status as being subject to these restrictions and should not return to work there unless they have an agreed method statement with Public Health; 
  • Must not, other than in an emergency, enter the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, and in an emergency must give prior notification of their status as being subject to these restrictions before entering the Princess Elizabeth Hospital if reasonably practicable in all the circumstances and should not return to work there unless they have an agreed method statement with Public Health; 
  • Must inform any other healthcare provider (for example, a doctor, optometrist or dentist) of their status as being subject to these restrictions when making any appointment for care;
  • Must, so far as reasonably practicable, keep a record of people met and places visited (to assist with contact tracing if necessary); and,
  • Must comply with any additional conditions and restrictions imposed from time to time by the Medical Officer of Health.

Travel during passive follow-up is allowed, but for Category 2 a pre-departure test will be requested.

A person may enter the Princess Elizabeth Hospital to visit a patient who is seriously ill if the management of the hospital agrees and if a method statement has been agreed with Public Health.

In terms of school or Early Years attendance, any student who has received a negative COVID-19 test result from their day 7 test (Category 2 countries and regions) and moved into the 7-day passive follow-up phase is able to attend school/ preschool/ Nursery or Childminder.

If a traveller from a Category 3 country needs to leave the Bailiwick between the receipt of their negative Day 7 test and Day 14 following their arrival into the Bailiwick they WILL be allowed to travel