23rd August 2021 – Latest Guernsey Harbours information

Locally Registered Vessels Returning from Outside of the Bailiwick


Visiting Leisure Vessels


Here is the latest information for trips to Jersey, France and England from Guernsey.

I don’t want to display an out of date map, so please refer to covid19.gov.gg/guidance/travel… for the latest map and zones.

I have tried to put together the process for trips to various places which will be updated as the news changes.
I hope you find it useful. This is not authoritative so please do check the facts on the official government information pages.

If you find any information which is not correct or requires updating, or your personal experiences, please let me know. We are also keen to collect information on your experiences, especially when the various ports in France open up.

The links are

Guernsey to Jersey return

Guernsey to France return

Guernsey to South coast of England return

All Arrivals – the following applies to arrivals from Jersey, France and England

People going to Alderney or Sark should test in Guernsey or they can test in Alderney if going direct.

From 1st July, anyone having had two vaccines where the last one was over 14 days ago, can enter the island (Blue Channel) from the Common Travel Area. Please check the official websites for the latest information.

As private boat owners are not constrained by set travel schedules (other than the tides) a temporary testing tent is being erected on the Hammerhead of the Crown Pier to enable travellers to access the tent for COVID-19 tests on arrival from the Swan Pontoons.

Travellers are required to provide this information using the Travel Tracker. More information can be found here: traveltracker.gov.gg/