23rd August 2021 – Latest Guernsey Harbours information

Locally Registered Vessels Returning from Outside of the Bailiwick


Visiting Leisure Vessels


Arriving in Jersey

The definitive resources that should be checked by all persons travelling to Jersey are;

www.gov.je/Health/Coronavirus/… – From here you can access the pre-departure form and all information about current Government requirements

www.ports.je/jerseyharbours/re… – Information relevant to Mariners will be posted and updated here.

The current relevant notice is no.02 of 2021(https://cdn.ports.je/web/Reword-NtoM-02-of-2021-GoJ-Safer-Travel-Programme-and-travelling-to-other-jurisdictions-COVID-19.pdf). Of importance here is the requirement to book a marina berth with us at Jersey Marinas (before completing the government pre-departure form.)

Visiting leisure maritime vessels

Travellers coming to Jersey’s territorial waters by leisure vessel and intending to land ashore must arrive at the port of St Helier only.

Before arriving, you must:

  • pre-book a berth with Jersey Marinas by calling +44(0) 1534 447730 or +44(0)1534 447708 or email jerseymarinas@ports.je
  • complete the travel form before arrival into Jersey

Further information for mariners on ports.je

Travellers must wear a face covering when travelling to the test centre from their vessel and back again

There is no water supply only electricity

It is advised to check the States of Jersey website for the latest travel guidance prior to travelling as the information provided in this guide is subject to change by the Government of Jersey

Please see the Safer Travel leaflet – www.gov.je/Health/Coronavirus/…

Guernsey is currently Green Status – See www.gov.je/Health/Coronavirus/… for the latest information

Arriving in Guernsey

See www.harbours.gg/CHttpHandler.a…