Digimap CAF API
GetAllPredecessors Method (apiKey, cafID)
NamespacesCAF.API2ServiceGetAllPredecessors(String, Int32)
Gets all the versions of a given address including the current one.
Declaration Syntax
public Address[] GetAllPredecessors(
	string apiKey,
	int cafID
apiKey (String)
The API key provided with your CAF licence
cafID (Int32)
The CAF ID of any version of the address
Return Value
An array of Address objects for all the versions of the address.
Returns every version of an address, which can be useful for example to see what house names a property has previously had, what businesses have previously operated on a particular premises, or what forms the address has taken in the past. Each version has its own CAF ID and timestamp.

Assembly: CAF (Module: CAF) Version: (