Digimap CAF API
Service Class
The Service class provides the CAF API calls.
Declaration Syntax
public class Service : WebService
GetAddress(String, Int32)
Retrieves the current version of an address by CAF ID

GetAddressByDeliveryPointID(String, Int32)
Returns the address that matches the delivery point ID specified

GetAddresses(String, String)
Lists the current version of those addresses that match the list of CAF IDs provided.

GetAllPredecessors(String, Int32)
Gets all the versions of a given address including the current one.

GetCandidateStatus(String, Int32)
Returns a CandidateStatus object indicating the current status of the candidate

GetCandidateStatuses(String, String)
Returns a list of CandidateStatus objects indicating the current status of a set of candidates

Gets the highest CAF ID in the database

GetTermCode(String, Int32, String)
Gets a term code indicating the classification of a specified address within a particular vocabulary.

GetUpdates(String, Int32)
Retrieves a list of updates to CAF

Lists all active addresses in CAF

Lists all the roads in CAF

Search(String, AddressField, String, Boolean, Boolean, Boolean, AddressOrdering, Boolean, String, Nullable<(Of <<'(Int32>)>>), Nullable<(Of <<'(Int32>)>>))
Searches the CAF for addresses matching the criteria specified.

SubmitAddress(String, Nullable<(Of <<'(Int32>)>>), String, String, String)
Submits a candidate address for a possible update to the CAF.

Assembly: CAF (Module: CAF) Version: (