Digimap CAF API
SubmitAddress Method (apiKey, cafID, combinedAddress, submissionReason, notificationEmail)
NamespacesCAF.API2ServiceSubmitAddress(String, Nullable<(Of <<'(Int32>)>>), String, String, String)
Submits a candidate address for a possible update to the CAF.
Declaration Syntax
public int SubmitAddress(
	string apiKey,
	Nullable<int> cafID,
	string combinedAddress,
	string submissionReason,
	string notificationEmail
apiKey (String)
The API key provided with your CAF licence
cafID (Nullable<(Of <(<'Int32>)>)>)
If this is a suggested update to an existing address in CAF (e.g. because of a spelling error in the house name, or incorrect road) then the CAF ID of that address should be specified here
combinedAddress (String)
The proposed text of the address. This should be a single-line text representation indicating the suggested 'correct' form of the address. Note that all submissions are reviewed by a human, so the address does not have to be specified in any exact machine-readable form.
submissionReason (String)
The reason for submitting the address. This should indicate why the address is wrong, and on whose authority the address is being changed (e.g. 'verified owner', 'tenant', etc.). Providing an intelligible reason is important to ensure the submission can be reviewed efficiently.
notificationEmail (String)
An e-mail address which will receive automatic notification in the event that the submission is marked as rejected. This should be a user of the client system who can then take appropriate action. See also GetCandidateStatus(String, Int32)
Return Value
A new unique CAF ID which corresponds to the submitted candidate.

In order to keep addresses up to date, and to ensure that new addresses are included in CAF in a timely manner, the SubmitAddress call is provided to allow users of client systems to suggest changes to the CAF.

If the update is intended to be correction to an existing address, then the CAF ID of the address should be provided as the cafID parameter. Otherwise, it is assumed that the submission is of an address which is missing from CAF.

The CAF ID returned by this call is a unique reference to the candidate created. If the candidate is accepted, then a further new CAF ID will be issued for the new address (or the new version of the existing address). When your system makes further calls to GetUpdates(String, Int32), the new CAF ID will be one of the updates provided. Note that acceptance of a candidate does not necessarily mean that the suggested correction has been made, or indeed that any change has been made at all. It does however signify that your address does correspond to a real property (i.e. it is not ambiguous or unresolvable).

Client systems should provide advice to users who are making submissions to the effect that their submission required manual review.

We suggest a version of following wording is shown as a warning for corrections:

The correction you are submitting will be sent to Address Validation Unit staff for manual review. Before submitting an address correction you should note that:

  • Your submission will generally not be accepted unless it reflects a correction to a property's name; CAF road names and postcodes are set by authorities.
  • Changes which simply alter the layout of an address are also unlikely to be accepted as CAF addresses follow strict layout conventions.
  • The new address must represent the same physical property as the previous version. For example, if a business has moved, do not submit an update which keeps the business name the same and updates the address. Instead, submit a change to the new address which updates the business name.

And for submission of new addresses:

The new address you are submitting will be sent to Address Validation Unit staff for manual review. Before submitting a new address you should note that:

  • Only [Guernsey/Jersey] addresses are accepted into the CAF.
  • The CAF comprehensively lists every built dwelling in [Guernsey/Jersey]. Ideally you should know of a reason why the property might be missing from the CAF, e.g. it is in the course of construction.
  • You should use the CAF search to be as certain as possible that the address does not already appear in CAF, bearing in mind the possibility of spelling errors in the house name or postcode, or an alternative road or parish name, in your version of the address.
  • Rooms in hotels, guest houses and residential homes, houseboats and other 'sub-units' of accommodation will not be accepted for inclusion in CAF.

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