Digimap CAF API
GetCandidateStatus Method (apiKey, cafID)
NamespacesCAF.API2ServiceGetCandidateStatus(String, Int32)
Returns a CandidateStatus object indicating the current status of the candidate
Declaration Syntax
public CandidateStatus GetCandidateStatus(
	string apiKey,
	int cafID
apiKey (String)
The API key provided with your CAF licence
cafID (Int32)
The CAF ID which was returned from the SubmitAddress(String, Nullable<(Of <<'(Int32>)>>), String, String, String) call
Return Value
A CandidateStatus object indicating the current status of the candidate.

This call is provided to allow more detailed information about the status of a candidate which your system previously submitted using SubmitAddress(String, Nullable<(Of <<'(Int32>)>>), String, String, String). See CandidateStatus for documentation of the information provided.

Your system could either call this at the user's request, or could make several calls (or a single call to GetCandidateStatuses(String, String)) to poll the status of all outstanding candidates, perhaps nightly. You should not continue to poll candidates after a call has returned a CandidateStatus with AVUProcessed equal to true, as the status will not change after that point.

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