Digimap CAF API
CandidateStatus Class
Returned by the GetCandidateStatus(String, Int32) and GetCandidateStatuses(String, String) calls. Indicates the current states of a candidate previously submitted using SubmitAddress(String, Nullable<(Of <<'(Int32>)>>), String, String, String).
Declaration Syntax
public class CandidateStatus
If true then the AVU has reviewed this candidate and either accepted or rejected it.

The CAF ID of the candidate which was originally returned from the SubmitAddress(String, Nullable<(Of <<'(Int32>)>>), String, String, String) call.

The CAF ID of the official address which replaces this candidate. If specified, then the address has been 'accepted', though note that this accepted address may not have been accepted in the form suggested by the candidate. If this field does not have a value and AVUProcessed is true, then this candidate has been 'rejected'.

If the candidate was rejected, a reason may have been specified by the AVU, and is available here.

A timestamp indicating the date and time when the candidate was submitted.

Assembly: CAF (Module: CAF) Version: (