31st January 2023 – Digimap are seeking a person to join us as a Mapping Technician and Project Manager

Digimap is a small mapping and software development agency with a vacancy for an individual keen to join the world of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and software development and support. Digimap provide services and solutions to Government and non Government organisations, Charities and individuals, priding itself on innovation and consistently good customer service with an eye on the art of the possible.

We are looking for an individual with the capability to grow into the role – an individual who is self motivated, keen to learn and enjoys a challenge. You will be supported by a small, passionate team, provided with training and will be welcomed into our business.

If you are keen to understand more, please contact tim.stonebridge@digimap.gg or call 01481700321

Senior Software Developer

Digimap has a vacancy for a full-stack software developer to develop new projects with our in-house team.

The job involves developing high-quality server-based solutions, from customer requirements analysis to finished product delivery, using these types of technologies:

  • Relational and non-relational database technologies: SQL Server, Postgres, MongoDB
  • ORM frameworks: Entity Framework, NHibernate
  • Browser-based MVC frameworks: Angular, Backbone
  • ASP.NET MVC, .NET REST APIs and server middleware: C#
  • Mapping integration using ArcGIS API for Javascript