By popular demand, we have included the port of Tregastel. There is no marina but very scenic and good beaches.

Tregastel is immediately next door to (the west of) Ploumanac’h, between Trebeurden and Roscoff. Its all-tide entrance is handy if you miss the tide for Ploumanac’h.

There are 4 visitor buoys at the west end of the moorings, at 10 euros a go or free anchorage between the rocks to the west, but the swell comes over the outer reefs at springing high tides.

There are restaurants handy, and there’s a decent supermarket at the edge of the village a few minutes walk away.

Its supermarket is, as far as I know, the closest one to Ploumanac’h.  It’s a fair old walk, but with its interests – there’s a bar with occasional Irish type music in the evening; you can see the posters as you walk past.

Thanks Dave C

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