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Dielette has issued the following (modified) e-mail, which appears to apply to


Port Diélette


Dives/Mer – Cabourg – Houlgate

Please do check with Deauville before visiting, that this information is up to date and accurate. We have not received any information directly from the marina.

Dear Yachtmen,

We are very pleased to inform you that La Manche and Le Calvados Customs have just decided to make Brexit procedure more flexible for unofficial border crossing points like Port Dielette.

It is, indeed, now possible for pleasure boats coming from a port outside the Schengen area to arrive at and leave directly an unofficial border crossing point

Just sending the editable form attached (new one) to the Harbour office 24 hrs before arriving and just before departure in case of a less 24 hrs stay (for longer stays, 24hrs minimum). The form will then be transmitted by us to Port Authorities and Customs.

Port Diélette
Le Bureau du Port.

This is the form for marinas “other” than Dielette – www.digimap.gg/wp-content/uploads/2022/0…

photo courtesy of marinas.com

There are 2 towns here – Deauville and Trouville. These are both very nice and interesting towns with amazing beaches, connected further up the river by a bridge, or even better, a small orange boat which goes every 5 mins and costs Euro 1.40. At low tide, there is a walkway that appears and this costs Euro 0.50.

Report recieved – August 2021

Thought I would update some useful information for anyone planning on visiting Deauville in the near future. I stayed there last week and grounded on entry because the charts are all wrong as is the data in the Reeds Almanac


  1. Radioed in on VHF 9 many times – No response!
  2. Approach to Deauville – The Navionics charting shows on the recommended approach 1.5m above chart datum.
  3. I approached on Wednedsay 4th August with a 6.8 metre tide at 19:30. I first attempted entry at 17:45 giving me a 6 metre tide, with a 2.1 metre draft. I expected to see at least 4 metres of water. I (and a Dutch boater who followed me) grounded around the area ‘Less funds’ shown on the chart. Was only going slowly and managed to free myself and retreat.
  4. I now waited until around 7pm which should give me almost the full 6.8m.
  5. Approach ok this time and turned right into Avant port for Deauville marina. Chart shows 1.7 above CD – I touched the bottom here – continued to lock (which was on free flow – according to their published data it would not be as on neaps).
  6. Entered marina – Charts told me 2.8 metres of water – My depth gauge reading 2.1 / 2.0 – Managed to park, but with very little water.
  7. Stayed in Marina until Tuesday 10th and left on a full spring @ 10.30AM, half an hour before HW which was 8 metre that day. Even with an 8 metre tide I had a depth of 3.5metres when leaving.

Points for your readers

  1. The charts are wrong
  2. The marina is kept at 2 metres not the 2.8 shown
  3. You will get neaped in this marina with a 2 metre draft boat
  4. Their website advertises the marina as the ‘deep water marina’ of Deauville and suitable for drafts upto 3m
  5. I queried this with the office when there and they said that their web site and charts were all wrong!
  6. Viewing the Avant port at LWS you can see that the channel markers are not quite in the right place and they could do with more!


There are 2 marinas for visitors

Port Morny / Morny Basin / Inner Harbour


Port Morny is in the heart of the Town – It is the historic harbour basin of Deauville. It bears the name of the founder of the city, the Duke of Morny, and is ideally placed close to the city centre, at the entrance of the city and in front of the train station.

A pontoon runs the length of the left side of the marina as you enter through the lifting bridge. There are no fingers. The facilities are poor and the opposite side of the marina with 1 shower and 1 toilet for men and for ladies.

The facilities are next to the marina office and next to the Deauville Yacht Club. The development work on the Visitors pontoon side of the marina is progressing well and hopefully will include some facilities in the redevelopment.

Opening bridge to the marina

The marina office with facilities to the left

Port Morny marina

Port Morny marina

Port Deauville

On the Normandy coast, where the tides impose their schedules on mariners, it is accessible for more hours during a day and has free flow on most tides (not big neaps). The free flow stops at high water. Port Deauvillle has longer opening times than Port Morny but is more remote from the Town and the Marina office and the facilities are a bit of a walk.

There are wires to attach your mooring rope to

There are lots of visitor mooring spaces in this marina with quite a number of good size fingers. The problem is that the facilities are 6 mins walk away with no signs as to where they are and the Marina office is completely the other side of the marina, again with no map of how to get there and where it is. The check-in process was good and efficient.


To find the facilities, walk to the southern end of the marina, go through a gate and there is a low white concrete structure in the ground. Go down the steps and there are 2 toilets and 2 showers at most times during the day. Hardly enough for 70 visiting boats and a 6 min walk from the moorings. At certain times, however (in May it was 09:00 to 12:00 and not Thursdays) a lady opens another section of the underground facilities and there are good showers, toilets and a washing machine and dryer. This provides another 4 or 5 showers and toilets in shared facilities. Hopefully, it is open more often in the summer when the marina is busiest.

To access the Harbour office, the best route is to go over the lock bridge as this is the shortest distance, but only when the lock gate is not in free flow. Otherwise, you need to walk all the way around the marina, which takes around 15 mins.

Marina office

We were sent the tide times for the marina and were unable to understand why some of the heights of tide were highlighted in pink. Apparently, this indicates free flow through the lock gates.

Which Marina?

Port Morny probably has more character, is closer to the train station and the centre but Port Deauville is quieter and has fingers and so is better for a nice quiet stay.

Interesting Telegraph Travel article www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/…

Tourism – en.normandie-tourisme.fr/discover/norman…

Official visitors web site en.deauville.fr/

Marina lock times – www.deauvilleyachtclub.fr/portes—pm-20…


Trouville Web Cam – ca.wisuki.com/webcams/1158/deauville

Trouville tourism web site www.trouvillesurmer.org/

Restaurants – www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g187184-…

Contact details

E-mail portdeplaisance@deauville.fr
Tel  02 31 98 30 01


Webcam – see www.vision-environnement.com/livecams/we…