News August 2019

The wood cabin at the top of visitors pontoon is gone. Now a half built new harbour office and facilities. They hope to have it finished by beginning of next summer season. The harbour office was across the road. The marina facilities were further around at the inner harbour so a bit of a walk from the pontoon. They were also met by an orange port dinghy and shown to a finger berth. Thanks Chris

Harbour office August 2019 – photo by Chris de Putron

The new harbourmaster’s office being built, photo by Chris de Putrron August 2019


Picture by


The river mouth – photos by Colin S Le Conte


Leaving Lezardrieux with Edward Fattorini at the wheel, together with Micky Robert


The Grand Chenal – La Croix tower


La Croix tower – looking back from further up river


The outer “marina” at low tide


Looking towards the mouth of the river Trieux


Low tide – note the steep ramps compared to a later picture


Pontoon 3 – the visitors pontoon


The old Marina Office is no more!


Beware berthing at half tide – there is quite a tide – especially towards the end of the pontoons. Best moor near low or high water when the direction of the river flow is changing


Facilities for the outside marina – closed in August 2019


The Trieux Yacht Club


Facilities for the inner marina


High tide – inner marina. Ramps much better.


The inner marina entrance at high tide


Looking towards the river entrance at high tide

Lezardrieux is a great place. A lovely trip up the Trieux river, fairly easy navigation with a Chart Plotter, and a non-tidal “marina”. Some tide flows through the pontoons so best approach around high or low water – but nowhere near as bad as Treguier.

The speed limit is 3 knots upriver from Les Perdrix and 5 knots from Vieille de Bodic starboard beacon tower (as you enter the Trieux river) to Les Perdrix although the local boats do not seem to obey them.

Harbourmasters office is at the top of the visitors’ pontoon. No one ever meets you as he stays in his office. It appears to be best to moor on a free finger on the first pontoon anywhere east of the customs/police boat. The fingers are quite short and only have a loop at the end to put your rope through, but they are OK. There is room for a large boat, or 3 smaller boats on the T piece at the end but again the boats do not seem to be managed very well.

Facilities are OK. They have been repainted and were in better condition in 2017. A bit dark and a jeton is not required for the showers anymore.

The Internet is now a quick process and worked OK.

E-mail communication with the office could be improved. We did not receive a reply to recent communication. You can call the office and the Harbourmaster was helpful and probably speaks enough English for most enquiries.

There is a “shortcut” path from behind the boat works which comes out behind the church.

Great new Video – featuring a Princess V39!…

The Marina manager said there is room for 50 visitors. There is the hammerhead and a few berths on the visitor’s pontoon. There is also the centre waiting pontoon where you can moor but no electric and it would be impossible to row ashore when the tide is running. He said you can moor in the inside marina. This has never been offered to use but worth enquiring if you are staying for a few days. Perhaps enquire in advance.

Visiting Yachtsman Reports

2016 – Marina office was helpful and more proactive in helping to find a space. Auberge du Trieux excellent. Menus range from 19  to 50 euros plus a la carte. Good food and service. 2019 we only saw set menus.

2013 – I love Lezardrieux, it is up the beautiful Trieux river, it is non-tidal and it is one of the shortest journeys from Guernsey to Brittany, with the last half hour of the trip in beautiful protected waters as you head up the Trieux river.

However, the marina does not seem to care. No one helps by meeting you or telling you where to moor, you have to guess and hope for the best. The facilities are still the same basic facilities that have been there for years and remain dark and dingy. The Marina office closes early so you cannot find out the code for the facilities until the next morning.……

Pilot Guide

If you leave around half tide going up, motorboats will have a good following tide all the way back to Guernsey.

Contact Information –

E-mail: but sadly they do not reply

Tél. 02 96 20 14 22

Official info


Guide du Port…


Weather –………

Restaurants – LEZARDRIEUX *** Auberge du Trieux: Tel: 2 96 20 10 70. Very good value – good seafood menu, reasonable wine list. Service good. Great ambience. The owner has won many rosettes for excellence.

Greg said he had an excellent meal there – Sept 2009 –

2016 – Auberge du Trieux excellent. Menus range from 19  to 50 euros plus a la carte. Good food and service.


New creperie just opened in Square It is called Lez ar Dreo! Tel no (mob) 0033 (0)7 67 08 20 82. We had a meal there in 2019. Really good galettes and the crepes were awesome. Good English spoken. Well worth a visit.

photo by Jeanette Fattorini 2018

Le Moulin de la Galette. 2018 update – Moulin de la Galette (up the hill on right) was sold and reopened later in the year. Now called Le Moulin KA but this was boarded up in April 2019.

The Yacht Club used to be good with drink and food together with English speaking staff. Variable reports.

Taxis Best taxi firm is Taxi Le Bourdonnec.

Tel 02 96 20 15 90, Mob 06 84 18 26 27 ILE DE BREHAT

Market day


Restaurant –…