Trafficworx was produced as a partnership product between Integrated Skills (Guernsey) Ltd. and Digimap

Trafficworx is a sophisticated yet user-friendly system for co-ordinating and controlling road works. Originally developed to streamline the management of road works on the Island of Guernsey, TRAFFICWORX offers a proven, scalable and flexible solution. The system has been designed as a one-stop management tool that employs a secure Wide Area Network to link all service providers with the emergency services and the authority responsible for authorising and controlling road works

TRAFFICWORX uses workflow and digital mapping software to provide instant, up-to-the-minute information to road users and the emergency services on the current and expected status of the roads. This can be seen on the Island Roadworks Information System, avaliable at .


  • A ‘one-stop shop’ for all road works stakeholders
  • A well informed decision-making process
  • Efficient planning and co-ordination of road works
  • Detailed planning of road words, closures and diversions
  • Streamlined application and authorisation procedures
  • Emergency work procedures
  • Reinstatement compliance procedures
  • Road pricing and lane rental options
  • An action audit trail
  • Real-time, remote access public information via the internet
  • Reduced costs for all stakeholders
  • Reduced disruption and inconvenience to road users
  • Reduced traffic pollution

For more information on TRAFFICWORX please contact Digimap