We have created a separate group of pages for western and southern Brittany. Should you have any information, advice and photos, please do send them to us.

In 2019 we went to the Rade de Brest and I wrote a blog of the trip which I hope you will find useful. We visited L’Aber Wrach, Brest marina, Camaret, Port Launay, L’Aber Ildut and Perros Guirec. Please click on the following link. Blog for the Trip to Rade de Brest 2019

We had a great trip to Southern Brittany in 2017 and I wrote a blog of the trip which I hope you will find useful. We visited L’Aber Wrach, Loctudy, Benodet (Saint Marine), Concarneau and Roscoff. Please click on the following link.  Blog for the Trip to Southern Brittany

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The trip involves passing through the Chenal de Four and the Raz de Sein.

The slack water for the passages are as follows:

Chenal du Four – High water Brest -1hr to +30mins and High water Brest +5.5hr to 6hr
See www.sailingalmanac.com/Almanac/Navigatio… with useful marks

Raz de Sein – The books say High water Brest -1hr and High water Brest +5 to +6hr hours. Slack water lasts for around 30mins. However, you need to check the tide tables to see when it will be slack water as the times often quoted in the books does not seem to be accurate.

In 2017 we went through (South to North) at 2 hours before LW (coeff 54) i.e. 4.25 hours after HW and it was flat.

Based on our research and experience, we feel the following tides are pretty accurate

Chanel du Four
HW Brest +5 (for 30 mins)
HW Brest -1 (for 10 mins)

Raz de Sein
HW Brest +4 (for 30 min)
HW Brest -2 (for 10 min)


The tides are much smaller on the Southern side of Brittany are normally relative to Brest tide times. Brest tide times – maree.info/82

On the same date, the HW times were as follows

Brest 8:05
Cameret 7:54
Loctudy 7:39
Concarneau 7:43
Port Louis 7:50
River Etel 8:05

Good blog – www.peterreason.eu/Writing_the_world/Raz…


The GR34 walking route goes all the way from the Mont Saint Michel area, to the Morbihan area. Whichever part of Brittany we go to, we seem to walk along the well-marked GR34. The route uses a red and white strip to show the route and is generally well maintained. It is around 1,700km in total and provides amazing views and scenery, so do lookout for it.

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