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Beautiful Carteret

Carteret is a lovely small town with excellent restaurants. The marina has limited mooring space for visitors and gets very busy in the summer with lots of rafting up. The only official Visitors mooring area is alongside the pontoon at the far end of the marina.

It is well worth a visit, especially out of high season. Navigation is fairly easy, the trip up the “river” to the marina is good and there is plenty to see and do, especially if you like good restaurants. The nearby Barneville Carteret provides a good long walk or cycle ride and there is a very good beach. Just make sure you plan your timings well so you do not get stuck and beware of the swell for the last 6 to 8 miles if the wind is from the west. Watch out for crab pots and ropes. A few years ago most of them had flags on, but in August 2013, there were many pots without flags which are even harder to spot and there are a lot of them!

News 26th June 2019

Following the sandbank still present at the entrance to the channel we have set up a special mark “yellow buoy Diameter 1.50m” she’s located at the position 49’22”101N and 1’47”250W

She is in the 60 degrees at a distance of 90meters from the red beacon.

Caution It is strongly advised to pass between the red beacon to this yellow buoy.

Carteret Marina

Yellow buoy and red post at low water. Photo by Carteret Marina June 2019

News 2018

We visited April 2018. The new sailing and nautical centre has been completed for a couple of years now. The marine shop near the Bar du Port is now closed but appears to have moved down a street to by the Post Office. The street is just past the Pizza restaurant.

The WiFi now has a number you type in when you complete the registration and it will last you for most of the year. This works fine but you do seem to have to reconnect every hour or so which is a pain. Code needed for the facilities which are the same as always. As at May 2019, Jeton is no longer required for showers. Free showers!

There are still discussions regarding creating a barrage further down towards the entrance of the harbour. This would keep the water in the estuary and provide better facilities for sailing and rowing, and also stop the smell of the seaweed etc. An interesting idea.


An additional pontoon, not for public use – photo by Edward F

Please note, the new pontoon was for the sailing club etc and not for visitors.


Visitors moorings are on the last pontoon – on the East side (left of picture) – pictures by Colin S Le Conte


Good sheltered marina – if only there were some fingers/pontoons for visitors


The Marina is at the end of a tidal channel


Marine Hotel in the distance – keep to the left going up the channel


When entering the Fairway – please keep to the port side to get more water – max speed 5 knots


Drying out area on the left – Marina gates just appearing on the right of the photo


Always go between the poles – the wall is submerged. As you come out – turn sharp right as there is sometimes a sandbank outside the gates. April 2018 they were removing the sandbank


The Marina office where you pay your fees and get a code for the toilets, showers need jetons which you purchase from here


It is tidal and a big range – note where it dries out first



Always keep to the left when going towards the Marina


Beware of sandbank on the outside of the marina gates, it can be shallower than the water over the gate

There is a small market in the square near the station selling fruit, veg, fish and bread every Thursday morning through the year. Especially welcome as most shops seem to close on a Thursday out of season.

Bureau du port

Tel –

Fax –

e-mail –

VHF Channel 9

Please note office opening times for 2019

website – Harbour Office (and Semaphore) – Marina is open about 2.5 hours either side of high tide. This varies depending on the state of the tide. In spring tides it opens for longer and neap tides it can be as little as 2 hours either side of high tide. An hour before that, the water can be halfway down the channel, but it always seems to come up in time!

Tides – Marina opening times……

I have been looking at tides, speaking to people with experience and looking at the various boat trips.

The last 7 or 8 miles into Carteret can be pretty lumpy. Normally this is worse leaving Carteret as you have West winds and strong tide on the shallow seas. The period 1 1/2 hours to 1hour before High Water appears to have the least tide.

Before that, the tide is South East and after that, the tide is North West. So if the wind is from the North or North West, it is likely to be rough from High Water onwards.

Great time lapse video of the time coming up the channel to the marina by Chris de Putron –

Walk to Barneville

The boat works area to the East of the marina is now fenced off, a secure area and it is not possible to walk through the area. This means you cannot get through there to get to Barneville for the market etc. All the paths have been fenced off.

Instead, walk past the Yacht Club and go to the roundabout and then follow the quiet road toward Barneville. Turn right down the track and then across the bridge. Turn left through the small Hamlet called Tot. See the lavoir on the left and walk past the old train station and over the railway line. Turn left at the small roundabout and that is your quickest route. Despite information to the contrary, it is a good 30 mins walk.

Carteret is an ideal place for bikes and will mean you will get to Barneville in less than 15 mins.

Map Weather –…………

Web Cam

Unfortunately, you cannot see the visitors pontoon in the web cab picture. That would be really useful when approaching the marina as you could see how busy it is before you get alongside.


Le Carteret Hotel



Near the railway station

Tel :2 33 04 95 63. We are told it is nice there (2019) and do great Pizzas and other food – must try it again.

La Kalakiki – LA CALE MARINE

La Kalakiki with green signs (Heineken)

La Cafe Marine-Carteret Tel 00 33, very popular and good, more “pub” type food. Open February to October.

They do not take reservations. The menu is limited but has 1kg moules, entrecote, lobster, omelette etc. Well priced and the menu is on the placemats with an English translation. They normally open at 19:00hrs. Omelettes are good!

Staff were pleasant, helpful and efficient and speak English.

Le Russell – Cave a Manger

Tel 02 33 53 84 90 – email

I am not sure if Le Russel is a wine bar that sells food or vice-versa. Who cares – both are excellently done.

We wanted to go somewhere different and as Le Russel was fairly new, we went there for early dinner (7:30). There are only a few tables and it probably seats approx 40 people.

As you go in, the place is dominated by a large bar and lots of wine bottles in a rack on the left side. You can order wine by the case or chose a bottle. They are priced for drinking there or taking away.

The menu is very limited. What is on the blackboard is what is available. But whatever they have listed, it is excellent. Very tasty, well cooked, great service, nice wine (you go to the rack and chose it) and a great evening out.

The staff speak good English.

There were 4 of us and with 2 courses a bottle or wine and other drinks it was just over Euro100. Awesome.



Opposite the Information Office, good selection and good for a snack. Gets very busy and check opening times. Now has an outside eating area as well.

Yacht Club


Tel – – has free wifi. Ask for the code

La Potiniere

Located on the edge of the beach, the setting of this restaurant/bar is hard to beat. The lunchtime menu includes dishes such as fresh fish and Salad Gourmand. An open charcoal fire turned sardines into something really special. It’s very popular with the locals so on a sunny summer’s day, you may have difficulty getting a table without booking in advance.

It is probably the best part of a mile from the marina. Tel 02 33 52 29 14‎


Amazing Panoramic photo from the road up to the Cap lighthouse – photo by Mark Page

Le Cap

2010 – very popular – even on a Tuesday night so book ahead. Excellent food and service. You do need to book. This place, like many others in Carteret, has really upped its game over recent years. Damon Logis Hotel and Restaurant, Tel,

website, e-mail

La Tivola pizza restaurant

La Tivoli is located in the main ‘high street’ with a picnic table located on the pavement outside. You can’t miss it. Look past the greasy spoon cafe appearance and plastic furniture and you will discover some of the best pizzas in northern France. Thin, crispy bases with just about every topping option imaginable – even Calvados!

A small section of Italian-style dishes are also available and with a one-litre carafe of wine for ten Euros, you really can’t go wrong! Damon

Le Rivage (Hotel des Ormes)

For something a bit special, I thoroughly recommend Le Rivage restaurant located in the Hotel des Ormes, a stone’s throw away from the marina. The quality of decoration and attention to detail is the first thing you will notice. This small restaurant is not cheap (around 45 Euros pp for 5 courses) but if you are a bit of a foodie, the extremely French cuisine will be right up your street. You are not in danger of overeating but you will leave having experienced some wonderful flavours and an enjoyable night out. The restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.  – Damon. Recent reports are that the service is really fast and a bit rushed and you may have finished your meal in under an hour.

Bar du Port

One of my favourites

Not for food but for a drink or early morning coffee


We visited this tapas bar which is upstairs in the concrete ferry terminal. A strange building but amazing views.

The lady in charge who sounded English (American?) said it had reopened a few years ago and was very popular with the locals. They serve a good range of well-priced cocktails.

Really nice there and well worth a visit, especially if it is nice enough to sit outside.

L’ABRI. A new restaurant opposite the Marine Hotel. The people from Le Gohan (restaurant between Barneville and the beach) have converted the old sailing store/lifeboat boathouse. Quiet, atmospheric and great views of the estuary from the window tables upstairs. Good service. Good selection of galettes and steak/chips, Maigret de canard etc. Very good dessert selection. 90 euros for three people, including half a litre of very good Cotes du Rhone and a Kir Royale. Can be warm upstairs. Good English is spoken. Can be hot upstairs in the summer.



L’Hermitage – with blue and white awning.

Closed in 2019 – now a shop!

Market day

  • Thursday morning: Carteret
  • Saturday morning: Barneville-Bourg
  • Sunday morning in July & August: Barneville-plage

Car Rental / Hire cars / Taxis

We rented through who were very helpful and efficient. Where it says “Modifier l’agence” on the website, type in Cherbourg and then a drop-down list should show Dielette, Carteret Yacht Club, Saint Vaast and of course Cherbourg. They delivered the car on a truck.

Taxis and Ambulances of the Cote des Isles provides a good service – Tel +33 (0)2 33 04 61 02