Beautiful Carteret is a great place to visit. They have carried out major works over the last 2 years, extended and renewed many of the pontoons and even moved the marina entrance to provide a greater expanse of water. Quite remarkable.

This page has been fully updated on 16th April 2022 based on our visit during the Easter weekend. I have also separated out the Places to Eat to a separate page.

Please do support the investment Carteret has made and visit as soon as possible.

The Douane are supporting the marina by traveling from Cherbourg, sometimes twice a day, to carry out Passport control which is required as a result of Brexit. Please do support this, turn up on time, and don’t mess them about. In Brittany, we still have to go to a Port of Entry (Saint-Malo, Saint Brieuc, or Roscoff), so we do not want to lose this great facility Normandy is providing.

2023 Update

8th April 2023

The sandbar was removed last week according to the marina office. We had 6.5m of water at the entrance when the gate was reading 4.4m.

The Douane arrangments are the same as in 2022. Send the forms in advance and meet the Douane at the Ferry terminal at the appointed time.

Brexit and Covid

You need to complete the following form and send it to both of the email addresses 48 hours before travel.

PDF version-

Microsoft Word version –

They may be able to accommodate you in less than 48 hours but do send it early if you can. The same on your exit.

If you arrive late in the evening, they may let you meet them the following day. If you are leaving early in the morning, they may let you meet them the previous evening. They really are trying to be helpful.

If you go for a day trip, you still need to send your form and carry out passport control.

Please note that the time of arrival or departure needs to be the time you can meet them at the ferry terminal. You need to allow 30mins walk from the marina to the ferry terminal, which is where passport control is carried out. Arriving at the marina at the time you are supposed to meet them will not be good.


2023 Tide tables

See ports-manche.com/portes-marees on this page Click “Portes et Marees 2023” icon to download the 2023 tide table

Please ensure you click on the drop-down for Barneville Carteret as it defaults to Saint Vaast La Hougue. St Vaast times are different to Carteret!

The booklet of tides can be downloaded using this link


Entering the port

8 min video – the first section is sped up x 2
First sight of the new gate – lights and gauge on the left. If the screen is blank, do not enter

Closer view of the entrance
The left – red post has a tide gauge should be similar to the board
Echo Beach entering Carteret Marina – photo by David E Corson
Marine Hotel on the left and the new M pontoon for Super Yachts
View of the main marina, where the wall and gate used to be
Pontoon M – high and no facilities
The Harbourmasters office remains unchanged. Very helpful staff. The only ramp is on the right
Pontoon F for the bigger boats. Good wide spaces between the pontoons
Pontoon E, even numbers on the left and odd numbers on the right of the picture
Pontoon F, rafting on the left side. Odd numbers on the right side of the photo
Far end of Pontoon E. Echo Beach (grey Princess V39) is moored on E09
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Image00013.jpg
E Pontoon odd numbers

Tide rush

The new lights for the new gate can be seen from seaward don’t rush in if still showing red.

The gate opened at 6.3m of tide at Carteret (Navionics/boating app).  The board said 1.8m but the digital gauge said 1.5.  As there is a slope over the gate at the first opening I would err on the safe digital value. The digital gauge is blank until the gate opens.

This boat crossed immediately when the lights changed and the board displayed numbers
Fast tide runs for the first half hour
Boat entering Carteret marina soon after the gate opened

Please note that there is a sign saying that incoming boats should have priority through the gate.

Deepest water

Deepest water close to the harbour wall
The dredging of the sand bank at the entrance to the harbour has been effective
Best photo of the deepest water
Don’t go too far to the right when approaching the marina gate
The new gate

Leaving Port

Princess V42 leaving the marina with a depth of 5m

Carteret is a lovely small town with excellent restaurants.

It is well worth a visit, especially out of high season. Navigation is fairly easy, the trip up the “river” to the marina is good and there is plenty to see and do, especially if you like good restaurants. The nearby Barneville Carteret provides a good long walk or cycle ride and there is a very good beach. Just make sure you plan your timings well so you do not get stuck and beware of the swell for the last 6 to 8 miles if the wind is from the west. Watch out for crab pots and ropes.

Pontoons E and F are the main visitors’ pontoons.

Pontoon E

The odd numbers on the Westside and even numbers on the Eastside.

Pontoon F

The Westside has the longest fingers for the larger boats (50ft+?) and they are very wide. The pontoon is also a little higher. The Eastside does not have fingers.

Pontoons E and F both use the same ramp on the East side to go ashore. 

Pontoon M

For very big boats (superyachts) and the Pontoon is even higher than all the others. The ramp to the pontoon is from by the Bar du Port and there are no facilities.

The facilities are still in the Yacht club – and no, they have not been done up. No change there. No jetons are required for the showers.

The marina office is as before. Wifi is available using a code from the Marina office but we were unable to connect during our visit.

Bureau du port

Tel –
Fax –
e-mail – contact@port-des-isles.fr
VHF Channel 9

The old marina office has been demolished and replaced by a temporary portacabin
photo by Garey Le Feuvre 2022
Marine office opening times

They were good at responding and speak good English. They will respond to emails in English which is helpful.

The office has electric bikes for hire which are quite expensive but good fun.

Almost no one was wearing face masks in Carteret at Easter 2022 and no restaurants ask to see your vaccination certificates etc.

The last 7 or 8 miles into Carteret can be pretty lumpy. Normally this is worse leaving Carteret as you are going into the waves.


Fuelling is on the end of F pontoon.

Electric and Water

The pontoons do have electricity and water.

Electric requires you to press a silver button next to the socket which seems to keep the power going for 24 hours and then you need to press it again.

Water is one of the push-in fittings. You can get special fittings or a Hozelock type male hose connector will normally work.

Walk to Barneville

The boat works area to the East of the marina is now fenced off, a secure area and it is not possible to walk through the area. This means you cannot get through there to get to Barneville for the market etc. All the paths have been fenced off.

Instead, walk past the Yacht Club and go to the roundabout and then follow the quiet road toward Barneville. Turn right down the track and then across the bridge. Turn left through the small Hamlet called Tot. See the lavoir on the left and walk past the old train station and over the railway line. Turn left at the small roundabout and that is your quickest route. Despite information to the contrary, it is a good 30 mins walk.

Carteret is an ideal place for bikes and will mean you will get to Barneville in less than 15 mins.

Web Cam

Webcam of marina extension – mairie.barneville-carteret.fr/webcam/
Drone video www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRaAqPtv3RM
Great time-lapse video of the time coming up the channel to the marina by Chris de Putron before the new marina was built – youtu.be/sUXtLWvwaQU

Market day
  • Thursday morning: Carteret (by the Train station all year round) – fruit, vegetables and bread mostly
  • Saturday morning: Barneville-Bourg
  • Sunday morning in July & August: Barneville-plage

Car Rental / Hire cars / Taxis

We rented through www.francecars.fr/ for a few days which was very helpful and efficient. Where it says “Modifier l’agence” on the website, type in Cherbourg and then a drop-down list should show Dielette, Carteret Yacht Club, Saint Vaast and of course Cherbourg. They delivered the car on a truck.

Taxis and Ambulances of the Cote des Isles provides good service – Tel +33 (0)2 33 04 61 02


A reader reported they needed an emergency doctor or hospital. They were advised to call ‘15’ SAMU. This is an emergency response number. Just dial 15.

They can put you through to a doctor with a translator (3-way call), send an ambulance or prescribe medication for collection at the local pharmacy.

SAMU then called the port as they were not allowed to call an international number and asked them to call the reader to confirm the medication was ready for collection. So, all in all, exceptional service from the port, SAMU and the pharmacy.

The reader thought this information would be useful for anyone in a similar position.