Gavin May report 2022

Over on the more popular side of the river, the ferry boats stream day trippers up the river or to Ile de Glenans and you will find most of what you would expect from a town ready for tourists. If you walk out towards the river mouth there’s a pretty small lagoon, 30 mins. The classy Carrefour supermarket is of medium size and has a butcher and fishmongers as a guide. Close by is a rather peaceful-looking modern church (1968), and I was a bit disappointed not to be able to see the inside as it was locked.

photo by Gavin May 2022

Benodet is more on the tourist map than Sainte Marine. The promenade out to the river mouth is wider than the road, which probably says something about the number of prospective visitors in season. Outer visitor pontoon looks to be very bouncy indeed from river traffic. An impressive new supermarket is 10 mins walk along the footpath, out through the marina car park. I imagine the holiday homes around here are premium price indeed. There is not a lot here, it is still quite compact, but larger-scale bars and restaurants to service the influx.

Somewhere to enjoy some idle days, certainly, as the river is very charming- a very pleasant motor for maybe an hour inland is worth the effort. Come here.

Gavin May kindly provided the above report – 2021

Photo courtesy of marinas.com

Photo courtesy of marinas.com

Beware of the strong current flowing up or down the river. Best approach at slack water.

Benodet is on the East side of the River and Sainte Marine is on the Westside

Benodet marina office

Benodet marina is larger than Sainte Marina, has good modern facilities and there is a big supermarket about 1/2 km away with a nice walk.

The tide does rush through the marina so be careful when mooring, especially on a finger. Slack water as with most rivers is at high water and low water.

The outer pontoon is for visitors and has space on the inside and outside. The inside is entered from the seaside.

Good security with coded gates.

There is good fuelling available, easiest to approach at the low or high tide. The pontoon has ropes already there so you do not have to use your own. The diesel (Gasoil) authorizes only Euro 150 at a time, so motor boats beware. However, the helpful marina staff can flick a switch in their office so you get unlimited fuel and you pay them at the end. Much easier. But beware – the diesel pump is very slow so it takes a long time to fuel up. However, there is a go faster black button marked with the symbol of a lorry which makes it go faster. They only told us this on our 2nd fuelling! When I say faster, I mean it goes slow instead of very slow! Fuel prices were about Euro 1.4 per litre. (1.5 in 2019)

There is a nice walk along a promenade to the vedettes and restaurants about 5 mins walk away.

Benodet was the most disappointing marina of the whole trip. We e-mailed them in advance and never received a response. We telephoned them and no one picked up the phone. We even spoke with the Tourist information who said the marina may be busy. In this modern age, marinas should respond to e-mails – every other marina did.

Report from Keith – If you do make it that far we would recommend that at least you take the time to hop across the bay to Benodet, we prefer mooring in Sainte Marine on the port hand, lots of eateries here, Cafe du Port in first class!! The marina takes bookings and is very efficient and the staff well trained and helpful. Only another short hop to Port la Foret, a lovely little town about fifteen minutes walk and an excellent Sunday market.

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