As boating enthusiasts in Guernsey and Jersey, we have been collecting web sites of marinas to visit from the Channel Islands. This is not a portal, but a collection of links to pages for each marina which I hope will save you time and enhance your trip.

Sadly all marinas appear to be closed at the moment due to COVID-19. You cannot visit France, Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Herm or Sark. We will let you know when things change.

You cannot pick up a buoy in Alderney or Sark (the ones in Herm have not been put out). Also you cannot anchor around Sark.

I have produced a new Covid-19 site which provides key links to the official Brittany and Normandy Covid 19 sites so you can make informed decisions. It also has a link to the Guernsey and Jersey information.…

Do visit my YouTube Channel which provides you with a “boats eye” view of what you can expect to see when arriving at marinas. Very useful for your first visit –…

Do have a look at the new website – . If you have Chrome or Edge (use the new chromium based edge – it is a lot better than the old one). Download the Google Translate plugin and it will translate any french pages for you.

Digimap is providing this site free of charge to help the boating community. We hope the links will be useful. Any additional information and photos would be much appreciated. If anyone could write a paragraph or two on your favourite marina – please send it to

Please call the marinas direct if you wish to find out how busy they are. Nearly all the Brittany and Normandy marinas DO NOT take reservations and so beware of 3rd party sites offering bookings.

New mobile version – see the following site

Navionics Chart for your planning

Webcams map – see…