Yes, it is impressive that the marina is partly surrounded by the ramparts of the old city, and now works are completed you can take a walk around them all. Inside is a surprisingly small area and streets with classy tourist shops when you can spend small fortunes on artisan works be it stone, glass or chocolate. If you walk to the far end, there is a small ferry to take you across to the other side for euro 1 each way, and an easy stroll out towards the beach that you can see from the marina and probably the best view of those ramparts. You can take the long way around via the industrial fishing basins; no charm as it is very industrial but some seriously heavy fishing engineering works if that is of interest.

Given the size of the bus car parking spaces, I imagine this is a busy tourist spot in season, so be aware that your enjoyment may depend on how heaving the place is. The doubled roofed building insight is the small indoor market… fresh bread, even fresher fish and so on. Behind is a small square, yet another Place De Gaulle being expensively smartened up, with a supermarket and a fishmonger.  An artisan baker is on the main drag, out beyond the indoor market for about 400 metres.

As the pilot guides advise, the Glenans sailing club boats occupy nearly all the visitors’ pontoons Thursday and Friday until they leave. This is a busy stopover, so I would not arrive late. With a possible lack of available berths you may not have a choice but be aware that if you are on the outer end of the pontoon, or worse, the breakwater, and unless you are a heavy sleeper you may find the fishing fleet’s pre-dawn departure rocks you awake and maybe not rock you back to sleep so easily. In fact, even in dead calm, there seems to be a lot of boat rocking!

Gavin May kindly provided the above report – 2021


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This is a great, sheltered marina in a lovely setting. With the Ville Close old town overlooking the marina. A great place to visit – except in July and August.

We visited in late May 2017 and the marina was fairly quiet. They do not take reservations.

Pontoon D is for visitors and is the 2nd pontoon from the walled area to the North. D pontoon has more space between the pontoons to the South of it (between D and C) and so this is recommended for larger boats up to 12m. There is also a long breakwater pontoon which you can moor alongside.


Fuelling is inside the marine to the South. It is difficult to see how you can fuel without some assistance from the land as the difference in height from the marina to the fuel pumps can be large. There are a couple of ladders alongside the fuelling area but it really does need 2 people. There are also steps around the corner but you would have to navigate through ropes. Fuel was Euro 1.41 per litre.


The marina office is good however the showers and toilets are only accessible through the office and so when the office is closed, you can only access a single toilet which has access from the outside and a single shower which needs a code. Take your own toilet paper in case it has run out. Not very convenient.

The marina showers require a card from reception. You take it to your shower room, swipe it over a unit by the door and select your cubicle number. Then press #. A number of people did not press # and ended up with a cold shower or streaking across the shower room to complete the process. Showers are good but tiny. Officially they close 30 mins before the marina office closes.

Outside toilet and shower

Facilities accessed from the marina office – when open

Concarneau has a walled area of the town and inside is a really nice street with lots of souvenir, clothes and food shops. Well worth a visit.

There is a Petite Train near the entrance to the walled town which gives a 35 mins tour. The times displayed on the board for the Petite Train were not accurate. The Tourist information office is past the entrance to the walled town by the old harbour.

We did not find the boulangerie. There is one in the “Halles” which is like an old market and is worth a visit. It opened at 8:30 in June 2017.

From late July to mid August the marina is full every day according to reports.

Europcar appear to have an office in Concarneau


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