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Port Treboul – Photo courtesy of marinas.com

Photo courtesy of Marinas.com

Port-Rhu – Photo courtesy of Marinas.com

Douarnenez has 2 main marinas. An outer one called Treboul and is non-tidal, and an inner one called Port-Rhu which is protected by a lock.

Port Treboul

The visitors’ pontoon “L” is at the top of the picture and runs parallel to the land. There was a 2nd visitors pontoon called “K” according to the Featherstone book, but this now has fingers and is no longer available for visitors.

Pontoon K – photos by Colin Le Conte 2017

There is a small area for visitors on the right as you approach the main marina. No one had told us about this and it often has regatta boats in there, but worth asking the marina office as it will be a lot more sheltered.

The additional moorings are at the bottom of the photo

Douarnenez is a great place to visit. Nice beaches, good marinas, and interesting old boats and old boat museum. But – the Visitors pontoon needs improvement. The pontoon was full in late May with boats rafting up. The pontoon is very exposed and even with an F2 wind, all the boats had a lot of motion all night as there is very little protection from the sea, especially at high tide. An uncomfortable night. The walkway to shore is wobbly.

Port Rhu

There is a visitors area in Port Rhu and this would be preferable, especially if the forecast is poor. You can only access it at high tide so may not be useful for an overnight stay. When you arrive, you call Port Rhu or Port Treboul on VHF9. The footbridge across the entrance to Port Rhu opens when you call them up and opens on demand. It opens quite quickly.

The visitors mooring area at Port Rhu looks nice although I am told it is near a bar which can be quite noisy until late the evening.


The Marina office is difficult to find initially. You need to walk past the excellent Capitanerie restaurant and towards the main marina, then you will find the Bureau du Port where the staff is very helpful.

Marina office

The facilities are up an ally just past the Bureau du Port and you need a key fob to get in. They are mixed facilities so the men and ladies use the same facilities. The toilets do have seats!

The facilities – just past the Marina office

Fuel was cheaper than at L’Aber Wrach and was a little over Euro1.2 a litre for diesel.

There is a nice walk to the beaches and a walk to the interesting footbridge that provides the barrier to the upper marina. There is a footpath that goes around the cost to the bridge even though it is not marked on Google Maps.

Breton to the fore around here, forget your French!

The key here is probably the boating in the bay, so you need to consider the value of the 20 miles detour from your north/south passage. A lot of kids sailing school activity keeps the place busy.

Quite well-provisioned shops with butcher close by, as well as a couple of bakers etc, and as you walk towards the other side of the river there are quite a few chandleries and the like. Good 20 mins walk over to Douarnenez that has a bit more if you feel the need. So-so market twice a week in Treboul. If you have the time, then perhaps drop by, but your preference might be to carry on with your north or south passage.

The ever-present GR 34 provides a rather more physical coastal walk, but it would be a full day of bus changes for only an hour at the Raz, though the bus access to the point looks more practical from Audierne.

If you missed the dates of Brest Old Gaffers, then the whole show seems to move down here- though the festival is fenced off and ticket entry. Just check the dates, as obviously the whole place gets very busy.

Gavin May kindly provided the above report – 2021






Contact information

Telephone +33 2 98 74 02 56

E-mail port.de.plaisance@mairie-douarnenez.fr Reply received quickly in excellent English

Tides – maree.info/85

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Market – Wednesday and Saturday mornings

The market is at the end of the marina, past the Bureau du Port and takes over a car park. There is also a market on some days in the main town, over the bridge which sells a wide range of items including clothes.

Restaurants – www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g608760-…