The large marina at Les Bas-Sablons is at Saint Servan. In theory an excellent marina with very good access (sill is approx 2m), convenient with good facilities.

St Servan is a lovely town and well worth exploring in its own right. Although a Saint-Malo marina, it is a long walk from Saint-Malo (approx 20 mins). St Servan marina is easy to access at most states of tide, either before going into St Malo or up the Rance or even whilst travelling from say Granville and around the Brittany coast.

YouTube video of Echo Beach leaving the Rance lock gates and entering the Sablons marina – see around 3mins for the Samlons entrance –

Saint-Malo has 2 marinas. The marinas are very different, with one just outside of the Saint-Malo walls and the other, at St Servan.

News for September 2019

We have received a notice from St Malo Marina that replacement works to Pontoon A are taking place from Sunday 15 September to Sunday 20 October 2019 meaning no stopovers will be possible during this period. This is for the Sablons marina and not the Vauban (Saint Malo inner) marina

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Les Bas-Sablons marina – photo by


Looking towards the Bas Sablon marina from the beach at St Servan, accessible at most tides except low springs – check tide gauge near entrance and take care of hidden wall


Visitors moorings are on the end 2/3rds of Pontoon A and the end of Pontoon B

The Visitors moorings are on the 1st and 2nd pontoon as you come in.

Pontoon A has visitor spaces at the middle and end. Pontoon B has visitor spaces at the end. The visitors fingers have a red background to the numbers.

There can be a bad wave surge at the end of the pontoon – even in calm weather. The noise from the ferry can be a pain depending on the time of docking and loading.

It would be better if the visitors moorings were close to the land, away from the noise and any surge.


The entrance is along side the main ferry pier


The marina with ferry and Saint Malo in the background


There are 2 lots of facilities. Pontoon B also has toilets on the pontoon


Bureau du Port – impressive building with good weather information


Useful to know – there is a Volvo Penta and a Suzuki Marina dealer at St Servan next to the marina…

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Pilot Guide
St Malo lock and lots of other information, wind speed, Vauban lock, Rance lock
Phone number for a recorded message in English of the Barrage Lock times and the time and Height of water in the Rance


E-mail: port.plaisance@ville-saint-mal…

Sadly this is one the the few marinas left in Brittany who do not reply to e-mails.

Tel: 02 99 81 71 34


VHF channel 9

Guide du Port…


For gate opening times – click on Schedule and select the month. They are up to date for 2019…


At St Servan, a yacht club had been opened above the marina office


Yacht Club de Dinard
On the food + sailing topic, the restaurant of the Yacht Club de Dinard has now reopened.
Knowing the chef, the lunch menu will be competitive and the food very correct. Dinner 35/40 € but on long days May June you can enjoy the sea view and the club atmosphere. Not so many tables so reservation preferably. Denis

Market day
Tuesday in Saint Servan

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