7th August 2020

Good news – Free mooring fees and water taxi concession extended

The offer of free mooring fees for Bailiwick yachts visiting Braye Harbour has been extended until September 12th.

Alderney’s General Services Committee (GSC) has also extended the free water taxi service for the same period.

The offer was originally introduced with the lifting of coronavirus restrictions in mid-June to welcome visitors from within the Bailiwick Bubble, and since then Braye Bay has seen an increasing number of visiting boats.

This has provided a welcome boost for the island’s retail and hospitality businesses seeking to recover following lockdown.

Important Information – 16th July 2020

There seems to be a great deal of confusion circulating amongst the boating community regarding the possibility of visiting Braye Harbour or any of the bays surrounding Alderney.

To clarify:

The Bailiwick islands of Guernsey, Alderney and Sark are at this time still closed to vessels from outside of our local jurisdiction.

Free travel between the islands is currently only possible for vessels and crews who are ordinarily resident within the islands.

A 14 day isolation period is still in place for anyone granted permission to come to the island. Those who come ashore without permission are breaking the law and subject to severe financial penalties.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in passing on this information throughout the boating community in an attempt to reduce the risk to our vulnerable island community. We would also like to save potential visitors a wasted journey, when they will be unable to experience the islands and all they have to offer.

We look forward to welcoming you to Alderney once the pandemic is finally at an end.

Alderney Harbour Authority

Great news!

I spoke with John Taylor, the Alderney Harbourmaster. They now have enough moorings tested that if Bailiwick of Guernsey boats wish to visit Alderney from the start of Phase 5 onwards (20th June 2020), they are welcome to do so.

Please call them on tel 820070 first to let them know you are coming, but you do not need to complete any paperwork in advance.

The water taxi is operated by the harbourmaster’s office and is available on request. Moorings and water taxi are free of charge.

Water Taxi Service

Due to the unprecedented nature of the 2020 summer season, the States of Alderney will be providing a limited water taxi service to local boat owners and visiting yachtsman. Operational parameters for the service are outlined below:

Access to vessels moored in Braye Harbour
Boat owners requiring access to their vessels must pre book the water taxi by contacting the driver or the Harbour Office via one of the below methods:

Text or call the Water Taxi Driver on 07781 121 046

Hours of service

Monday to Thursday 0800 -2200 BST
Friday – Sunday 0800 – 0000 BST
Delays of up to 15 minutes may be expected – prior booking is advisable.

For the remainder of 2020 the water taxi service will be provided free of charge to all customers.

Call or TEXT 07781 121 046 to book in advance.

This is a good, strategic place to stop off.


Amazing panorama of Braye Harbour – picture by Chickenofbristol


Aerial photo of Braye Harbour – picture (c)States of Guernsey courtesy of Digimap


Some of the yellow mooring buoys – pictures by Colin Le Conte


Looking towards the land

Pilot Guide

There are some 70 yellow buoys for visitors which provide a good, secure mooring. If the wind is from the north-west to East – beware of the waves over the breakwater and possible roll in the harbour! www.channelpilot.info/alderney…

Take a look at the following websites and respective pages www.visitalderney.com/visit/sa… and www.alderneysailingclub.com/

Digimap video entering Alderney Harbour – youtu.be/kV8FlxAHg1U

Alderney Tides

Alderney tides are around 20 to 40mins after HW Guernsey and Jersey

Please note it includes:

Swinge (between Alderney and Burhou)

Dangerous overfalls develop on flood and ebb tides, in particular when the wind is against tide conditions.

Keep to the south side – the calmest area is close to Corbet Rock.

Always navigate the Swinge at the slack water which is +2½ hrs HW or LW Alderney.

The tide is at full flow at HW and LW. Beware of wind against tide.

Race (between Alderney and France)

Going south through the Race, best to be at the top at 4½ or 5 hours AFTER HW Guernsey. This is relatively slack but starting to go south. Essential if there is an SW wind which causes the overfalls.  If leaving Cherbourg, the tide turns westward early providing you keep inshore.

Going north –  there is relatively slack water about 2½ hours before HW with the tide starting to go northeast soon after.  If going to Cherbourg, stand off the Cap for the best tide.  Nearly always roughish off the Cap no matter what the wind is doing!

For a power boat, I would leave SPP just before half- tide up to reach the Race soon after the stream is going NE. Trouble is, most boats can only get out of the QEII at half –tide up and that usually has to do!

If you are leaving Cherbourg, you can leave early – at say 3 hours AFTER HW Guernsey – since the tide turns to the west early if you keep inshore and this gets you to the Race at slack water.  Omonville is a good spot to wait for slack water if you are too early.

Many thanks to John Frankland for the above information. Do look out for his amazing books on Guernsey, Herm and Sark.

Radio Channels

VHF Channel 16 and 74

The Water Taxi is on VHF channel 73

Moorings on the yellow buoys are £15 a boat per day. (no charge in 2020)

You can drop people ashore in the inner harbour (HW +/- 2hrs), at the dinghy pontoon (if you have a small boat and there is room) beware of rocks and ropes, or on the commercial quay if you have the agreement of the harbourmaster’s office.

Mainbrayce have a great webcam which sweeps the whole of the harbour and can be found on ipcamlive.com/53f3477a8ff5f

Harbour Office

Tel 822620 or 820070, Fax 823699

E-mail – harbour@alderney.gov.gg
Very good at responding and speak very good English!

Tide tables

Tourism web site



Spring / Summer Puffin Cam – microsites2.segfl.org.uk/view_…

Mainbrayce webcam – ipcamlive.com/53f3477a8ff5f


Travel Guide

www.islandlife.org/alderneyhom… www.absoluteastronomy.com/topi…

Government website


The Divers Inn

Places to eat (and drink in Alderney!)

Places to stay


Braye Beach Hotel

Restaurant – www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant…