Ploumanac’h is not a marina in the sense we know it. There are no pontoons and you will have to moor and row ashore. However, they do have a sill that retains the water so you stay afloat all the time. There are size restrictions, by memory, it is around 35′, although larger boats (42′) have been welcome in the past.

See my video of the amazing entrance passage in to Ploumanach – www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tVx5pce2d0

The sill is reported to be at 2.5m and opening and closing times can be found in the following guide which covers Ploumanac’h and Perros Guirec www.guide-du-port.com/port-perros-guirec…

article in Motor Boat and Yachting February 2021 of the entrance to Ploumanac’h. Photo by Colin Le Conte
The sill. There is a height gauge on the red post but it is often underwater. So if you cannot see it, I guess that is a good thing.
Ploumanach inlet – picture by marinas.com

Pilot information
As you can see from the photo above, the channel is thin and there are rocks everywhere. Previous visitors who have had many years of uneventful arrivals recommend calm weather with good visibility. As one intrepid sailor explained “this year (2010) there were breaking waves rolling up the inlet and uneven water everywhere. Very scary, knowing there are drying rocks on both sides before you reach the certainty of the perches, and the channel was not clear. The wind was northerly” Thanks DC

Overlooking the bay from the south
Overlooking the bay from the south
Amazing views
Amazing views
The entrance to Ploumanac'h
The entrance to Ploumanac’h

Marina office

The marina office is to the north and over the brow of a hill. It was closed when we visited. There are some public toilets nearby but we were not sure if they were the “marina” facilities. The public toilets referred to are at the south end of the building. Adjacent north are the unisex facilities with a couple each of loos and showers, and a basin for clothes washing. They are free but you need the code to get in.

The marina office, hidden over a small crest in the road to the north
The marina office, hidden over a small crest in the road to the north

E-mail: portdeplaisance@perros-guirec.com

This one is closest to the marina office. Not sure what the electric sockets are for – you would need a long lead!

Buoys for tying up
Buoys for tying up
We presume these are the visitors buoys
We presume these are the visitors buoys

One of Rod Carr’s favourites – www.rya.org.uk/newsevents/enewsletters/C……

If you leave around half tide going up, motorboats will have a good following tide all the way back to Guernsey.

Other sites



Boat Excursion to the Sept-Iles – departing from Ploumanach

Possibly only in July and August. In late June the Armor boats were visiting but not stopping. The kiosk is next to the Marina Office.

The Armor ferry - just visiting - not stopping
The Armor ferry – just visiting – not stopping

Restaurants and information


Ploumanac’h slowly changes. 2017 report – The Irish restaurant is long gone, with its live music and alcohol in every course.  The large Mao still provides excellent value for money, but the adjacent rival has closed.  Otherwise, there’s plenty of choice, and the Boulangerie is great.  The little supermarket has closed, so the walk to Tregastel is necessary. There is a cash machine, but no bank. Thanks DC

Tourist Information
You can catch a bus to Pleumeur-Bodou where there is a triple exhibition site. The Brittany planetarium, with an English commentary on one day of the week. A telecommunications museum, bang up to date. And the Gaulois village.

There is a Sculpture Park just south of the village, a short walk up the Rue de Moulin towards the main road. Where you will also find the Ploumanach Carrefour (crossroads) Bus Stop.


Webcam – see www.vision-environnement.com/livecams/we…