Dahouet has difficult access and the mooring area for visitors is limited. However, the entrance is beautiful and provides great views. The town of Val Andre is a good walk away and this is where the main shops and restaurants are located. Out of season, the restaurants and even the chip shop around the port are often closed.

Great for a one-off visit.

photo by Gavin May 2022


Port de Dahouet

Port de Dahouet – photo courtesy of R2prod


Picture by marinas.com


Picture by marinas.com


The entrance to the channel leading to the marina. Do not pass too close to the white and green tower. You can just see the red post on the far rock


Slipway below the monument. The white poles have now been replaced by red ones so are much clearer

Red poles as you enter the channel. The last 2 in the picture are on the pier


Entrance to the Marina from the seaside. Entrance is marked with normal red and green posts, yellow posts show the marina wall. There is not much of a lip to the marina “gate”. It is slightly deeper on the starboard side of the entrance as you go in.


The marina wall does not appear as a wall. Note the yellow posts

Entrance to the Marina – visitor’s moorings are on the right. No fingers – just a long pontoon. It is slightly deeper on the starboard side of the entrance as you go in. Do not moor between the pontoon and the slipway. photo by Chris de Putron 2022

Visitors pontoon. Note new restaurant


Facilities at the top of the visitors’ ramp. Still the same building but fine inside


Note tide gauge before the green pole. There is also one on the starboard side as you enter the marina. They were underwater when we arrived at high tide so we could not see them!

Marina office


The beach leading the Town – Plage du Val Andre

Dahouet is 55nm from Guernsey. Dahouet is across the bay ESE ish from St Quay.

The Guide du Port provides good marina opening times – www.guide-du-port.com/port-dahouet-piegu…

This is a great little marina and the Marina master is helpful. There is limited space on the Visitors pontoon and the marina master will do what he can to put you on spaces around the marina.

In July and August, there is more activity with restaurants open, a couple of art exhibition, a very interesting photographic exhibition of the history of this important town and an antique shop. “The Best of Frites” chip shop is also open. Do watch for the opening times as some are only open at lunchtime and some only in the evening.

There is a bus in the middle of the Summer which takes you to Val Andre. This is normally the school bus so as soon as the children go back to school, it is not available.


2022 report. The facilities remain in the same building but it has been refurbished inside and maintained well. Showers are free. The door to the facilities is quite stiff to open from the inside. Watch your knuckles and children may not be able to get out.

photos by Robin Fuller June 2022

Port Office

The Port Office is on the other side of the marina.

We believe the marina opens about 2 hours either side of high tide on neaps and 2.5 hours on springs, but please check. Val Andre is ten mins on bike or 30 mins walk from the boulangerie. A lovely beach there.


Boulangerie is 10 mins walk from the visitors’ pontoon.

Dahouet itself is very quaint and usually not too crowded, however, Pleneuf-Val-Andre is a short cycle or walk along the coast. A typical French holiday resort with an excellent beach, casino and lots going on.

The entrance to Dahouet is a little forbidding but not as hairy as it looks. A bit like going into a bigger and wider version of Beaucette Marina entrance in Guernsey. When the wind is from the NW, there can be a bit of swell at the entrance so best no approach if too rough.

Cliff walk is good, not suitable for bikes. The cliff path route takes about 50 mins from visitors pontoon to the Val Andre centre.

There is a route back that was marked on a walking map which is a good shortcut. You leave Val Andre along the straight road one back from the seafront. At the end, turn left and go diagonally up a road to the right. Carry on up the road to a road marked as a Cul de Sac. Almost at the end of the road, there is a path on the left, to the left of a house. This comes out at a Chapel on the hill. Turn left and go around the Chapel and you will come out at the bottom by the lake next to the marina. A pleasant shortcut.

Gavin May report 2022

HM may well put you on a finger so call or you may get moved!

A few bars and restaurants in the port and a good baker. Not as long a walk to Val Andre and shops as I recalled via the beach, 30 mins, but from there it is another 30 mins to the supermarket. Quicker (so, 30 mins not 2 times 30 mins!) to take Rue du Port from Dahouet, alongside the boating lake. I think the bus next to the baker in Dahouet might take you to the church in Val Andre, which is not far from the supermarket

Pilot Guide – en.val-andre.org/

Contact information

Tel: 06 80 07 53 93 (mobile)
Tel no 02 96 72 82 85
Fax: 02 96 72 82 85

Website: www.pleneuf-val-andre.fr

Marina Master is Guy FRAVEL – very helpful, limited English. Do e-mail him if you plan to come and he will let you know if he has room to accommodate you.

E-mail – portdahouet@pleneuf-val-andre.fr

Wikipedia – (french) – fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dahouet



www.trekearth.com/gallery/Europe/France/… Pléneuf Val-André Sites


Tides – tide.frbateaux.net/56


Map –  en.val-andre.org/discover/map-of-the-sur…

Weather – www.fallingrain.com/world/FR/A2/PleneufV…

Long-term www.worldweatheronline.com/Dahouet-weath…

Web Cam – unfortunately, it does not show the visitors pontoon – www.pleneuf-val-andre.fr/webcams

Yacht Club

The Val-André YC have their clubhouse in Dahouët. The Secretary is Alain CHEVREL, contact details: alanchevrel@orange.fr or +33 (0)296.729.232. The Yacht Club contact is ycva@orange.fr




  • Pléneuf – Tuesday
  • Lamballe – Thursday
  • Val-André – Friday
  • Erquy – Saturday