Guernsey is the perfect place to visit when heading from the UK to Brittany, or the start of a visit to the Channel Islands.

Inexpensive diesel fuel, a marina in the heart of the town of St Peter Port, UK currency, English speaking, amazing restaurants, what more could you want?

From Guernsey, you can day trip to Herm, Sark and Alderney or a visit to Jersey. Guernsey is the furthest west of the Channel Islands and so is ideal if you are next travelling to the middle or western parts of Brittany.

Guernsey has a number of marinas, however, there is only one “visitors” marina in the town of St Peter Port. There is also a marina at the north of the island at Beaucette.

See www.digimap.gg/marine/marinas/beaucette/ for information on that privately owned and run marina.

All boats except very large ones will be directed to the Victoria Visitors Marina. It is at the heart of the Town and a very good place. Near to the inexpensive bus service and to all the services you may require including taxis, restaurants banks etc.

Larger boats (over say 60ft, should call ahead before arriving at St Peter Port and room may be found in the Queen Elizabeth II marina (known as the QEII) or even larger boats may be accommodated elsewhere in the harbour, normally near the Sark ferries. Do call ahead of you are visiting with a very large boat – but you will be very welcome. See below for VHF frequencies.


The navigation to St Peter Port is quite simple. From the South, pass between Lower Heads Buoy and St Martins Point.


A diagram of the approaches to St Peter Port

A diagram of the approaches to St Peter Port

The North is a little more difficult – keep to the east of the Platte Fougere lighthouse and to the west of Roustel. Then stay mid-channel. This is the ferry passage so the sea is deep enough.

The entrance to the harbour is clear.

As you enter the harbour – wait if the red light is showing. It is on the north pier which comes on when there is large ferry traffic. Then proceed up the south side which is well marked, takes you past Boatworks+ where you can get supplies and fuel and then you should be met by one of the harbour boats (dorys).

If the tide is too low to enter the Victoria Marina (see the Tides pages) then there are waiting pontoons outside.

The one directly outside of the marina must not be used for departing boats, only arriving boats.

The others are all in a line and in the summer there is a walkway to the Crown Pier. The small waiting pontoons at the entrance to the Harbour are for local boats only. There is no longer a water taxi

When the tide is high enough, you will be able to enter the marina.

A diagram of the approaches to St Peter Port

A diagram of the approaches to St Peter Port

Entrance to the St Peter Port harbour

Entrance to the St Peter Port Harbour

Visitors Marina

Visitors Marina

St Peter Port High Street

St Peter Port High Street

Harbour's South Breakwater next to Castle Cornet

Harbour’s South Breakwater next to Castle Cornet

Pilot Guide

Excellent book from John Frankland for navigation around Guernsey (Herm and Sark also available)


Havelet Bay next to the Harbour is also very good for anchoring (except in a South-easterly), well marked, good holding, a quiet slip, with GYC, Toilets (24/7), cafe, chandlers, marine engineers. The water taxi is no longer available.

Communication –

CH. 12 –  Port Control’s working channel is VHF 12; this channel should be monitored by mariners entering /exiting St. Peter Port to be aware of any impending commercial movements and is not to be used for berthing information and general enquiries.

Berthing instructions will be given verbally by the Marina staff when meeting yachts on arrival.

Ch.16 – St. Peter Port Radio provides emergency cover when required and maintains a 24-hour watch on VHF Ch. 16 or 67 VHF D/F bearings can also be provided on VHF Channels 16 or 67 (after an initial call on CH 16). The aerial position for D/F purposes is 49° 26.27’N, 02° 35.77’W.

Ch. 20 –  Normal working frequency of Guernsey VTS is VHF Channel 20 (direct calling). The telephone number of Guernsey VTS is 01481 220481. Ch. 20 is the coast guard working frequency for all working traffic and should be used to pass all arrival and departure messages.

Ch. M(37A) and Ch. M2(80) are manned during normal office hours Monday to Friday call sign St Peter Port Marina. Berthing instructions will be given verbally by the Marina staff when meeting yachts on arrival.

Guernsey Harbours main telephone number is 01481 220229

Tides and Marina opening times – tides.digimap.gg/

Maps –  www.guernseyharbours.gov.gg/article/5086…

Tourist information – Guernsey Tourism web site – www.visitguernsey.com/

Web Cameras –

Lots of Web Cams around Guernsey

St Peter Port from GYC www.gyc.org.gg/the-gyc/webcam

QEII by Nest www.nest.gg/

Herm 1  – herm.com/webcams/?webcam=1

Herm 2 –  herm.com/webcams/?webcam=2



Guernsey Boatowners Association Have the following lay-by moorings for use by Guernsey Boatowners Association (GBA) members only and GBA Burgees MUST be flown. 1 outside QEII Marina 2 in Havelet Bay 1 in Harve Gosselin, Sark

Restaurants- www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g186229-…