We travelled to Honfleur from Guernsey in May 2018, a straight run of just under 120nm and worked our way back along the coast calling in at Deauville, Ouistreham, Caen, Carentan and Cherbourg. We also visited Grandcamp Maisy by land.

We are pleased to publish the blog of our Normandy trip – Blog for the Trip to Normandy 2018

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One of the main challenges with such a trip is working out all the tides. Some marinas HW are based on Cherbourg and some on Le Havre. They are all tidally limited except for Cherbourg and Honfleur all have gates or lock gates except for Cherbourg. So you need to plan the time of arrival carefully especially as some gates only open for 2 hours either side of High Water. In addition, the HW at Honfleur can be as much as 2 hours different from Cherbourg.

In the meantime, if you do have any tips or photos, please do send them to me

This site gives a good overview of the marinas. www.calvados-nautisme.com/ports-de-plais…