Trebeurden is many people’s favourite. It is a nice, well-run marina and the marina master speaks good English. It has excellent beaches and spectacular pink granite (like Grande Rocques in Guernsey and Ile de Brehats). There are many great places to eat.

There is a village up the hill but no large town or centre. Think of this as a beach resort.

Tidal access is good with the sill well below half tide, on neaps, you can gain at least 8 hours of access.


Picture by


Picture overlooking area you need to come through to get to Trebeurden. Marina is to the left of the photo


The passage to enter the marina


Entrance to the Marina


The sill – closed


The sill


The Visitors Pontoon – smaller fingers on the right


Visitors pontoon is the first as you come in the marina (pontoon on the right) Note also very good fuelling facilities at the base of the wall, between the fishing boats and the visitors’ pontoon


Facilities building with harbourmasters office on top

The facilities are fine and clean but rather dated.


Small but useful shops – includes small chandlers


Very convenient beach 2 mins walk from Marina – quite touristy


Tourist Information Office up in the Town

In late May there was no one berthed on the official outer G pontoon with the tiny bouncy fingers and HM seemed relaxed that we used the larger inner fingers.

This is a stunning location with the marina sheltered by the outlying reefs that gives a wonderful vista from ashore. You do need to swing a long way round before the channel opens up so it always seems a bit further from the east than it might appear on the chart. Heart pumping 10 min walk up the steep hill to the baker, tourist office and small village and another ten mins hike further up to a pretty good Intermarche if you need to stock up. No bus as reported somewhere from the port up to the town but buses from the tourist office to Lannion-great market on Thursdays, and to the towns northeast. Pleasant beach just across from the marina and a nice ten-minute stroll around the little headland with some bizarre rock formations. A true summer holiday spot, unspoilt and reminiscent perhaps of Cornwall some decades ago. A few beachside restaurants and bars, but don’t get your hopes up too high on quality.

Gavin May kindly provided the above report – 2021

Gavin’s report from 2022 – All much the same though BdPort has a few electric bikes that you can borrow, which certainly makes the trek to the supermarket a lot less strenuous! It is still a great spot to stop for a few days.…

Pilot Guide
If you leave around half tide going up, motorboats will have a good following tide all the way back to Guernsey.

Brochure – 2018 – PORT TREBEURDEN plaquette FR-UK

Contact Information
Good reply received within 48 hours in English



Chart and aerial photography of the marina –

Tourist Information
At Pleumeur-Bodou there is a triple exhibition site.
The Brittany planetarium, with an English commentary on one day of the week, a telecommunications museum with up to date GPS etc and lots of English explanations and the Gaulois village.

2019 information

You can buy bread from the harbour office from 8am.

In August 2018, Neil reported there was a shuttle bus which was really useful. More like a large car. The report was “They have a ‘shuttle bus’ which is actually an estate car, and will take you and pick you up anywhere (within reason!). Lannion, tregastel etc..

Was free. The lady at the harbour office closes up and takes/collects you.

We went to Village gaulois. Delivered and collected us. Also offered to take us to the supermarket if we wanted.

All staff fantastically helpful.

On top of all that. The harbour man came down the pontoon and booked you in to save you going to the office. He had a card machine on him which made it all the easier. ”

Rental Car

The Harbourmaster very kindly sorted out a rental car for us. A person collected us and took us to Lannion in the rental car, where we did the paperwork etc. Worked very well and they were very professional and helpful but it was a 25min journey each way, so probably more practical if you want to hire a car for a number of days.


We have received some reports that the Electricity supply has reversed polarity (neutral is live). This may or may not be an issue or a safety issue for your boat. Please do check.

Intermarche about 15 minutes walk from the marina. Wednesday seems to be the closing day for everything else.



Restaurant La Tourelle

Has good reviews although does not look so appealing from the outside.

** Crêperie des Iles: My French friends think this the best crêperie in Bretagne – I agree! Now enlarged with a variety of pizza, crepes and grills.
The Creperie des Iles still provides good food at good prices. (2018) Thanks Mark


Creperie des Iles


Outside sitting area


Hotel Ti al Lannec

Hotel Ti al Lannec – 4 start Hotel, Restaurant and Spa – For a special occasion – the Hotel Tial Lannec is great. Excellent food, ambience and posh service but expensive. Overlooks the bay. Tel 02 96 15 01 01 e-mail contact”at”, June 2016

Restaurants –…



The bakery in the town – over 10 mins walk. Good selection and open all year. Opens at 07:00 Hrs


The small shop which sells croissants and bread in the morning. Limited selection and opening hours but very convenient. May not be open outside of peak season (July and August)

Market day