August 2021 Covid update
Just returned from a fantastic 2 days in Granville . Just some pointers! Everybody must have the QR code as all restaurants , bars, cafes etc use them religiously . They don’t always work, so a hard copy is useful.
The Customs is behind the Gare Maritime . Ignore the opening times on the door as it is open when the marina is open.
There is an excellent free bus service that takes you to the large Le Clerc hyper market . It takes 20 minutes to get there. Buses every 30 mins. You catch it under the Ferris wheel . Restaurants were very busy and you really need to book in advance. We ate at the Restaurant du Port which was fabulous and very reasonable .

Granville is a large town with a large marina and fishing harbour. The Harbour office is well organised and very helpful.

The town is a few minutes walk away and there is lots to see and do. Crossing the peninsular, you come out at the more exposed part of the sea and a nice promenade taking you to the Christian Dior museum. Daily ferrys to Chausey are must if you decide not to take your boat. 

If you are lucky, you will see Mont St Michel in the distance.

Marina Tide times –…

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Updated June 2018

Granville is a great town and has a fine marina. The town is larger than you would expect and has many fine shops and restaurants.

The marina staff are helpful and efficient and Granville is a great place to start your journey around the coast to Saint-Malo and then west to Saint Cast and the rest of northern Brittany.

As well as the attractions of Granville, the Isles Chaussey are virtually outside of the town and make a fine view as you approach the port. Numerous day trips are available from the port to this interesting group of French islands.

The marina is busy and popular and it may be difficult to get in during July and August. Recently they have adjusted some of the pontoons past the lifeboat so boats can raft up. This is better for regattas and visiting groups and does provide more flexibility than all fingers and seems to work well.


The facilities are generally good. A code for the ladies and the gents (different code) and there are plenty of toilets and showers. Showers are free and do not need a jeton.

Both the supply of water & electricity on the pontoons are controlled by time clocks and may need resetting every 24 hours. Easily solved by pressing a button on the control panel but might just catch somebody out. Electric are water are normal connections. There are lots of hoses which appear to be 3/4″ (22mm)


At half tide and below, when the marina is closed, the ramps are VERY steep. They have non slip material but are too short and must be around 45 degrees. They can be a bit slippery when wet. They are quite a climb so you have been warned.

Meet and Greet

In June 2018 we were met by a dark coloured rib and the marina responded well to our call on VHF channel 9. Before our visit, the marina office was very efficient and answered any questions promptly by e-mail. An example other marinas should follow.


Approaching Granville having just passed Le Loup tower



Marina entrance opened up and starboard (green) gate can be seen inside of the harbour… 

Tides –


Tel 02 33 50 20 06



VHF Channel 9

Restaurants – LE PONTON BRASSERIE, Port de Plaisance, Tel: +33 (2) 33 50 19 31. One of 3 Restaurants on the Marina (excluding Ibis Hotel).

The others 2 perhaps more ‘family friendly’. Modern premises, possibly lacking in character, but good menu & can be very reasonable if you stick with moules frites and a carafe of house wine. Reservation advisable.

TripAdvisor –…

Yacht… – you are welcome to go there for a drink but there is not much inside except for a bar.

Guide du Port –…

Market day Wednesday – Saturday in the summer – a great market, extensive and also has a covered area.


Things to do
In addition to the excellent market, the sea promenade is a short walk from the centre of the town.

There is the Christian Dior museum which can be accessed by road or along the promenade and up quite a few steps.

Christian Dior museum

There are a couple of different boat trips. One goes to Chausey for the day and there is a new one that goes along the coast towards Mont St Michel. This is a pleasant trip and you get to approx 6nm from Mont St Michel and then travel back again. Good to do if you have some spare time. The commentary is in French but you can ask for a written English translation when booking your tickets.

Covered Market entrance

Ferry to…