18th May 2022

I have been working with Keith Martin to address a number of questions and have produced the following scenarios. Hopefully, these will answer most questions.

Scenario 1

I have arrived at a Port of Entry (PPF) and want to go to Saint-Cast and then return home

Provided you complete your exit form at Saint-Cast, you can leave St Cast and the Schengen area without having your passport stamped under the Saint-Cast dispensation agreement.

Scenario 2

I have arrived at Saint-Cast, having used the dispensation agreement. Now I want to go to another french marina.

You can move to any other marina as Saint-Cast is a temporary PPF, despite the fact you have not had your passport stamped. You will need to depart through a PPF before leaving France. This can be a temporary PPF such as Saint Quay or a permanent PPF such as Saint Brieuc or Saint-Malo.

Scenario 3

I want to go to Saint-Cast and then to Saint Quay. Can I do that?

You can go to Saint-Cast marina and then to Saint Quay marina without going to a permanent PPF and use the dispensation agreement on arrival at Saint-Cast and on departure at Saint Quay.

Scenario 4

I checked in and had my passport stamped at a Port of Entry (PPF) and am now travelling to Saint-Cast. After that, I will continue to visit other French marinas.

Use the fact you have checked in at a permanent PPF to travel to any marinas including Saint-Cast. You do not need to complete the form to visit Saint-Cast as you will have already checked into the Schengen area.

Scenario 5

I am just visiting Saint-Cast

Great, just complete and send in the form at least 24 hours before your journey and enjoy your trip. Your passport will not be stamped due to the dispensation. You will also need to complete and send in the form prior to leaving Saint-Cast.

Note: The nearest permanent PPF to the Channel Islands are currently Saint Brieuc, Roscoff, Saint-Malo, Granville, Carteret and Cherbourg.

Hope these help!

16 May 2022

Following ongoing representations to the maritime authorities in Brittany, we are pleased to announce that the non-PPF ports of Saint Cast and Saint Quay have now been granted a temporary exemption from the requirement that all non-Schengen boats should proceed initially to a PPF before continuing to other marinas in Brittany.

This temporary exemption will come into operation on June 1st, 2022 and terminate on September 30th, 2022.

A modified Notice of Arrival is below
ODT file
Word File
pdf file – not editable


This document should be downloaded and completed by all boats and crew members wishing to visit Saint Cast, and sent to the Saint Cast port office at least 24 hours before the planned ETA in the port. The port office will then forward the document to the maritime authorities in Saint Brieuc.

A Notice of Departure on leaving the Schengen area will also be required.

The port of Saint Quay will be issuing similar information in due course.
Please note that this temporary exemption only applies to the two Brittany marinas of Saint Cast and Saint Quay. Visitors to all other Brittany marinas must first proceed to Saint Brieuc PPF for the necessary control procedures to be carried out.

Whilst this is a temporary exemption to the existing arrival regulations, and only applies to the marinas of Saint Cast and Saint Quay, we are hopeful that the new instructions will provide the basis for a more permanent arrangement in due course.

Should you require any further information on the subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Keith Martin

Saint-Cast is one of our favourite marinas. It is open at all tides and has excellent, modern facilities. Next to the large marina are 4 restaurants and the main town lies at the end of a scenic promenade walk and has a good range of shops and restaurants which stay open all year.

The marina is well organised and they are able to take fairly large boats, so give them a call if you are interested in staying. Well worth a visit if in the area.

See the information and forms for visiting Saint Cast –


Guide for u.k. nationals visiting marinas in Brittany:
PDF icon Special Brexit newsletter_summer 2021 (.pdf – 101.85 KB)

This is the site for the completion of the information prior to visiting – ports-manche.com/reservations-…

The management and staff at Saint-Cast are very proactive and make a great effort to ensure their marina remains one of the best in Northern Brittany.

2017 has seen the addition of more pontoons, especially a long pontoon around the inside of the wall for visiting fleets and extra mooring for visitors.

New pontoon at Saint-Cast – photo by Colin S Le Conte August 2017

Navigation – Approach

The port of Saint-Cast is situated to the South East of Saint-Cast Point, overlooked by a signal station and flanked by rocks 500 metres to the North East. Officially it is not advisable to pass between the Point and the Bourdinots Shelf, uncovered rocks (2 metres) situated ¾ of a mile to the North East of the Point, and signalled to the North East by a Cardinal East buoy. It is preferable to leave the shelf to the east before heading to the entrance of the channel to the port. There is however good room between the rocks and the land if approaching from the West and you take care.

The journey to St Cast from Guernsey was approx 51nm. Head for NW Minquiers and then SW Minquiers. A buoyed channel with red and green buoys mark the entrance channel quite clearly as you arrive at the marina.

There can be a large number of pot buoys in the approach – may be a gamble at night.

Opening hours :
Season time (July 1st to August 31st)
The marina is open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
The marina office is open from 8:45 AM to 1:00 PM and from 2:00 PM to 7:15 PM

The marina office is open from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM and 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

It has 825 places on pontoons, including 40 short/medium stay places for visitors, and approx. 180 buoy moorings. The marina can take boats as large as 50ft. The marina office says there is 2m of water below datum.

Approaching the entrance. Marina wall is on the right. There are 2 green buoys which keep you away from the wall and you can see a red buoy (behind the left green one) which should be kept to port. All very simple.
Around the corner, nice wide entrance with no sill! The wave breaking pontoon on the left provides the outer “wall”. The outer wall also provides a holding pontoon

Once you get in – look for the Visitors Pontoon.

Personnel should be on hand afloat to greet incoming boats at all times throughout the week from 08h00 to 21h00 (from 07h00 as from July 1st). Call VHF channel 9. The port personnel are normally in a red rib.

If you are 10m or more, turn left between C & D pontoons and go right to the end until orange ‘V’s start to appear on pontoon poles. If 9m or shorter, turn left after D and again go right to the end.

Visitors pontoon. photo by Colin S Le Conte 2018

The shower/toilet and office block include 18 well-appointed shower facilities with wet and dry areas, en-suite hand basins, hair-dryer and electric razor plug points. Separate washbasin facilities are also available for a quick wash and brush up. The facility has a non-slip floor with underfloor heating, with hot water provided by solar panels, and also includes two washing machine/dryers and a dishwashing area. Hair-dryers are now available on request at the front desk.

WiFi is available free of charge in the Marina office. It is available on some of the pontoons and seems to be much improved. A booster wifi antenna may help. There is no charge for WiFi which is welcomed. You no longer need a code. You log into the marina “port” WiFi and provide your details and you should then have a connection.  VPN does appear to work.

The credit card operated refuelling berth provides a 24h/24h service, and a pumping station can accept lightly polluted treatable water as well as highly polluted residues.

Contact information

The Telephone number for the Marina Master’s office is +33 (0)2 96 81 04 43.

E-mail: stcast.plaisance@cotesdarmor.c…

web site www.cotesdarmor.cci.fr

Facebook: www.facebook.com/portdesaintca…

In 2017 the Marina office was much improved. There are more English speaking people, they now provide bread and croissants at 9 am each morning (must be ordered the previous evening) and they even have bikes for hire at Euro 2 per hour.

Above information kindly provided by Keith Martin, Ports Concession, Côtes d’Armor C.C.I. and updated by the editor (Colin)

Security gates – use the same code as the facilities
Marina office and facilities. Great new facilities


Each person has their own wet and dry “bathroom”. A great idea. Lots of hooks!

Contact info

Radio Channel: VHF channel 9

E-mail: stcast.plaisance@cotesdarmor.c…

Tourism website

Car Rental – available from Garage Les Mielles, 13 Bd de la Vieuxville. Telephone: +33 (0)2 96 41 76 04
Website – www.dinan-capfrehel.com/commer…
You can contact them by using garagelesmielles@gmail.com
A website (garagelesmielles.com) is under construction and is planned to be online in early 2019. A 3rd car (2018 Seat Leon TSI) will be added alongside the 2018 Fiat 500C and 2017 Ford Kuga.

Taxi – Useful taxi number is 02 96 41 86 16 – they speak good English and are based in Saint-Cast.

Weather Forecast




Guide du Port – www.guide-du-port.com/port-sai…

The Marina being built & other info

Some Forum chat

St Cast signal (VTS) station
Lovely Beach

At the Marina

There is now a large shop at the start of the promenade with a large selection of clothing together with nautical items and a small chandlery.

The Fish Restaurant is impressive and has a fish shop connected.

The marina has 4 restaurants within the large square building at the top of the marina. In good weather, they all have an outside area across the road which is a great place to sit and what the world (or boats) go by.

None of the restaurants is highly rated on Trip Advisor which is a shame. The highest-rated in 2017 was the Caravelle but it also has the most limited menu. The Caravelle also used to serve a nice french breakfast but did not appear to be serving breakfast in August 2017.

The big market day is on Monday in July and August and is really worth a visit.




There are so many excellent restaurants in St Cast, we have created a separate page – the only marina to have this.

See Digimap’s restaurants page

Lifting dock 

The lifting dock opened at the start of May 2012. Repair / maintenance facilities are also available.

St Cast new 20T boat hoist, mast jib and dock situated close to the fishing boat pontoons

Situated next to the boat handling area, the careening area has a 1,250 m² fully impermeable surface, including boat hoist alleys, and is likely to accept twenty or so boats from 6m to 15m in length, 4.30 overall beam.

Last but not least, a twenty-ton boat hoist and 2.5-ton dismasting/stepping jib are installed over the dock to complete the range of equipment available.

Please contact the marina office or handling service for more details and modalities.

In 2019, one of our readers had a bad case of rope around his duoprop that couldn’t be resolved by a commercial diver. He has kindly provided the following information.

“The hoist in St Cast (22MT weight limit) is booked through the port office and can be paid there cash or credit card (single lift EUR 201 including TVA).
Rouxel Marine (Jeanneau dealer +33 2 96 41 08 79) located between St Cast and Matignon did a very good job (neat, tidy, thorough, professional). They accept cash or card at the main office/workshop and at their sales office in the port.”


The entire facility is managed by the Côtes d’Armor C.C.I.

Bus Service

The bus service from St Cast to other destinations is a bit of a mixed bag, depending on the time of year.

The service from St Cast to St Malo is excellent. The Ti Bus runs three times a day and twice a day on Sundays, but pick up a timetable from the tourist information centre or look online for more details. The bus stop is behind the tourist information centre and you pay as you get on. The grand sum of 2 Euros will get one person one way and the journey takes about one hour. The trip is very scenic and takes you to the St Jacquet sur mer peninsula and over the Rance barrage. If you are interested in going on to Paris, the bus stops at the very modern train station, making it very convenient to connect to the rest of France. To get from here to the Intramuros takes about 10 to 15 minutes on foot or there is a shuttle bus for those of you who don’t want to work up an appetite for lunch.

The bus service from St Cast to Dinan is somewhat different. We discovered that it only seems to run until the 26 May, although the tourist information office didn’t know this and neither did a lovely old French lady who spent 20 minutes with us as we all waited fruitlessly for the arrival of a bus that didn’t arrive! Bus information as of August 2017. Thanks, Damon


We had a lovely walk along the path away from the town direction, to the next little bay as recommended by Jean. You start at the orientation table to the North of the marina and walk along a path. You have to walk around a campsite – lovely little bay, good swimming, nice picnic area and a very short walk up over the hill into town – café open in season and at weekends. If you continue walking, you arrive at another couple of beaches and again you can walk quite quickly back to Saint-Cast. Head along the Rue des Nouettes for the upper Town and then down the Montee du Panorama path.


Please call the marinas direct if you wish to find out how busy they are. Nearly all the Brittany and Normandy marinas DO NOT take reservations and so beware of 3rd party sites offering bookings.

Video – www.facebook.com/portdesaintca…