If you have a Garmin Edge cycling GPS or similar map/navigation computer, you can download the route onto it as a set of courses in order to see the Tour de Sez route overlaid on street mapping.

FIT, TCX and GPX files

If you have a Garmin Edge device which is capable of loading FIT or TCX files, we suggest you use these one of these formats:



If you have a device which cannot load FIT or TCX files, use the GPX files instead:


Loading the routes

After downloading the files, you will need to unzip them in order to access the individual route files. Simply open the downloaded file to see the individual course files, then copy them to another folder. There are 16 files in total, as day 2 is split into three courses, and days 3-7 are each split into two.

Once you have the TCX or GPX files on your computer, you will want to upload them to your device. Please go to this page which provides good device-specific instructions for how to do this.