Putting together the 759-mile route of the Tour de Sez 2018 has presented some unique technical challenges, as it crosses four different countries, each with its own landscape character, style of traffic infrastructure and available mapping information.

The route has been designed to give a blend of the best scenery, minimum distance, lower elevations, good places to visit, safety, quiet traffic, good road surface and ease of navigation amongst other factors. It’s never possible to get the best of all these worlds, especially with the distances we need to cover, but huge attention to detail has gone into putting together the best route achievable with the information available.

All distances on the elevation charts are shown in kilometers and elevations are in metres. Please note that total elevation figures are indicative only, being based on the approximate digital terrain models in the mapping data available, and may differ significantly from the total elevations measured using your own GPS devices.

Day 1 – St Malo to Avranches

Day 2 – Avranches to Deauville

Day 3 – Deauville to Abbeville

Day 4 – Abbeville to Dunkirk

Day 5 – Dunkirk to Antwerp

Day 6 – Antwerp to Kleve

Day 7 – Kleve to Rotterdam

Day 8 – Rotterdam to Amsterdam

Day 10 – Rennes to St Malo