Not a marina – but a great place to visit


The beautiful island of Chausey. A larger version of Herm – picture by speedbird


They moor bow to stern on well spaced bouys. The tide runs fast so mooring can be fun to watch. Also don’t try to row ashore when the tide is flowing as you can so easily be caught out. A very tranquil place, but only when it is decent weather, not sure I would like to be there if the wind picked up


Safest way to access Chaussey is from the South unless you enjoy the challenge of negotiating the Northern passages. They are a bit like a large version of the humps but at least the more serious granite parts are marked


A man, a traditional sailing boat, a light breeze and the seas around Chaussey = perfection


Speedbird’s tips – “Overnight in Chaussey is OK only if weather is really good, a bit like spending the night moored off Herm. Remember the only way ashore is by dingy and not as easy as mooring off Rosaire and rowing to the steps or harbour.

Best do a day trip, get the tides right and start very early in the morning, apart from anything else the sight of Chaussey as the light comes up is terrific. As these are the ‘missing Channel Islands’ become english and cook yourself some bacon and eggs as a treat. Then go ashore to explore and have a spot of lunch.

Later laze about on the boat and watch the world go by, well before dusk head off to Granville for an evening meal (if you can fit it in) and spend the night safe attached to a pontoon.”…

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