Gavin May report 2022

Facilities have been upgraded, though a rather bizarre trough-type sink, so take care to use the end away from the single plug!

Carrefour supermarket is a km away and was well stocked with anything you might need unless white electricals.  Marina now has a few bikes that you can borrow to get about to baker, fishmongers etc.

Fishmongers offloading from the trawlers, but also round that side, there are some small quaint streets off the “high street” with some 19C cottages.

Popular to take the ferry over to Ile Tidy for beaches, cycling and walks.

The first pontoon gets seriously bouncy, especially on the outside.

It is an obvious stop-over for everyone to and from Raz de Sein, given Audierne is a bit more tricky.

Some miles East and inside the various cardinals are some yellow marker buoys. Inside those is a total forest of pots.

The visitors get the best view here, out into the estuary mouth and inland to the vast expanse of water. The commercial basin that you pass unwittingly in your way in houses a fair-sized fishing fleet with fishmongers, open only in the evening with fish off the returning trawlers. Now this is fresh and we thought cheaper, but don’t wander in looking for Honduran gambas …

The village is round through the fishing commercial yards, with a few restaurants and a very small grocer and a baker. The marina lends bikes if you don’t fancy the walk, certainly 15 minutes. A larger supermarket, which isn’t that great either, is out off to the right, find the D2 and head for the Castle/Manoir. .. They say a kilometre, which is about right.

The “island” opposite offers the beach options with a ferry crossing nonstop in season, 1.50 each way. Other than the beach, not much reason to visit, though maybe the cycling is OK (not the walking on that bank of the river, though).

You come here for that view then, which on a summer’s evening is superb, and outstanding fish from the commercial basin. The very fine walk from the marina side to Pont L Abbe along the very windy inlets was about two hours each way. Do try to catch both some low and high tide because the river/estuary changes stunningly. It is a fine and easy walk, broken in two by a little break, or more probably a long lunch at a restaurant in the town.

There is something straightforward about this place; I like it.

Gavin May kindly provided the above report – 2021


Photo courtesy of marinas.com

We visited Loctudy in May 2017. The marina staff are very helpful and good at responding to e-mails.

The approach to Loctudy – photos by Colin Le Conte

The visitors’ moorings are on Pontoon A and take up the outer 2/3rd of the pontoon for boats up to 12m. We could not see any red white and blue markings as detailed in some books.

If you call up on VHF channel 9 (when the office is open), a man in an aluminium boat will come and meet you and show you where to moor.

The substantial concrete breakwater can be used for larger boats and boats can moor on either side.

The fingers are fine, good water and electric although the electric does trip off very easily, so don’t put on too many things at the same time.

Marina office

The facilities are very good. Clean and not smelly. There is a code to get in and the showers are free. WiFi is good and free and you do not need an access code – just connect to “wifiport”

The town is a fair walk away (approx 20 mins) but you can borrow a bike from the marina office for up to an hour an cycle there. A great idea. Follow the road out of the marina and turn left. The town seems to be quite nice. On the weekends you can walk through where the fishing fleet moor.

The main town

Boulanger in the town. About 5 mins cycle ride

For the return journey, you can walk up the main street and turn right just past the boulangerie. The road takes you to the Town Hall and church and then you will see the marina on your right, across the car park.

Ile Tudy

From the marina, you can get a boat to Ile Tudy. Although no longer an island, this is a pleasant short trip which is Euro 3 return and goes every 20 mins. You pay on board.

Ile Tudy has a nice centre where you can relax or you can walk to the nice church or the point. Well worth a visit if it is nice weather.

The ferry to Ile Tudy

Fishing Fleet

The fishing fleet does not operate on the weekends but we were told it is great to see them come in at the end of the day and offload their catch.

There is a Volvo Penta service centre in the fishing port area if of interest

Report from Keith – The visitors’ berths are well marked on the first pontoon past the breakwater, as is usual in France the fingers are pretty short. When the marina is busy the staff are ‘on the ball’ trying to find spaces.

We have had good meals in the bar/restaurant overlooking the marina and there are several eateries in the small town on the high street. You can borrow bicycles from the harbour office which means you can get into town in less than five minutes, ideal for supplies that you need in a hurry. Small supermarket in town and the chandler in the marina is quite good.

If you do make it that far we would recommend that at least you take the time to hop across the bay to Benodet, we prefer mooring in Sainte Marine on the port hand, lots of eateries here, Cafe du Port in first class!! The marina takes bookings and are very efficient and the staff well trained and helpful.

Only another short hop to Port la Foret, a lovely little town about fifteen minutes walk and an excellent Sunday market.

If you go further say to the Lorient Estuary don’t miss Port Louis on the starboard side, helpful staff, a walled town and a regular ferry to Lorient.

Any further, take a tip and steer clear of Port Haligen on a weekend, it’s MANIC!!!!!! Rafted like you have never seen before!!!

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Marina Office

Marina Office opening hours in May, June, September: 8h30-12h / 13h30-19h from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday and days off, they close at 18h. During the summer (July and August), they are open from 8h00 to 20h00 every day.
Boats can call on VHF channel 9 or by phone:

They have free books in exchange in the office. There is a very nice market on Tuesdays.

This is the tourist site tourisme.loctudy.fr/

Moorings plan port.loctudy.fr/content/download/23461/3…







Benodet seems to be the closest on maree.info maree.info/92

You will need to select Loctudy – www.shom.fr/les-services-en-ligne/predic…

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Please complete the form on http://port.loctudy.fr/Contact

Contact form was responded to the following day in excellent English

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