Port du Crouesty – photo by marinas.com

Port du Crouesty - photo by marinas.com

Port du Crouesty – photo by marinas.com

Gavin May report 2022

It is big. How many marinas have pontoons A to Z and then possibly more! However, it is quite fragmented, so you don’t really get the scale of 1500 berths or so. Add in a dry stack, and with that many boats, the narrow entrance can be very busy!

Usually, a lot of marina dories about to find you a berth (because you certainly can’t find it on your own!) as you might expect. On the Capitanerie side, there are some shops that you may or not be interested in and a fair-sized Intermarche at the end of the marina. On the opposite side, certainly the smartest facilities we have seen in northern France.

Some people knock this place. It is big, it is practical, 24 hr access, it will almost certainly find you a berth, it has fuel and a supermarket, plenty of staff, good facilities and 1 mile from Morbihan. Almost certainly, there is something you are looking for on that list.

Situated on the eastern side of the Baie de Quiberon and close to the entrance into the Morbihan, it is a well sheltered but exceptionally large marina (about 1500 berths) split into two halves and then sub-divided into three separate basins on each side. The half to the north gives access to the fuel pontoon and a supermarket whilst on the south side is where the Capitainerie is situated, together with chandlers and loads of cafes and restaurants. Usually, one of the harbour boats meets you, one once you are inside the harbour and allocates a berth.

We much prefer the south side of the marina but having visited Crouesty on many occasions, and as one cannot reserve a berth, it is always a lottery as to where we end up! Consequently, we tend to only use it as a short stopover to collect friends who are joining us there for a few days onboard or to drop them off later. Above the Capitainerie is the Yacht Club, which is open to everyone, and a particular pleasure is sitting outside watching the sun setting in the west (with a sundowner of course!) from their west-facing balcony.

There are excellent coastal walks from the marina around the headland to the south with pre-historic caves. By bike, a pedal round to pretty Port Navalo will also enable you to see how fast the tide rushes into and out of the narrow entrance into the Morbihan!

Nick Fletcher kindly provided the above report

The multi-complex marina is not as large as it seems as it is split into small basins, but, yes it is a very packed boat park as told in the pilot guides. The Intermarche is quite accessible by foot or take your tender across the 500 metres of marina basins.

The complex is surrounded by some rather touristy shops, stalls, basic restaurants, and baker and so on, 30 or 40 of them as a hint.   All that said, there is an energetic boat feel to the place where people do seem to use and not just park their boats. Even late June the constant flow of boats meant there were two service-minded HM dories in operation, fluent in English; make radio contact once in the marina because you will never find an empty berth otherwise!

If you get berthed on the “wrong” side, the HM dory will carry you across for free if you call them on VHF 9, and everyone seems to! Tourist Office is at the far end of the marina and can sort out your walking or other needs.

Sure, if you are looking for a quiet refuge you will not find it here, but then it is a busy marina on the doorstep, right on the doorstep, of the Morbihan. Do not be put off, it works.

Gavin May kindly provided the above report 2021

Official web sitewww.port-du-crouesty.com 


Port information – nautisme.meteoconsult.fr/bloc-marine/fic…



Contact information

Director of the Port: Jean-Marc GAUTER, Capitainerie du Crouesty – BP 20
Tel 33 (0) 2 97 53 73 33
email – crouesty@compagniedesportsdumorbihan.fr
VHF Channel 9

Access Port Crouesty


“South Meaban” tag, Cardinal S at 2M

Access by day: Through a channel marked day and night (0.5M) dredged to -1.80 m. (see less in some places and high coefficients, consult the logbook)

Night access: Alignment 058 ° of the 2 F.dir.sd.b. 056.5 – 059.5 (3); Dike dam N (47 ° 32’5 N – 002 ° 54 ‘, 2 W) F.ér.4s7M; Dike Mist S F.é.v.4s7M. 


Taxis and regular buses

Road: Vannes 35 km
Airport: Nantes, Lorient
Station: Vannes

Web cams – www.passeportescales.com/en/main-crouest…

Weather – marine.meteoconsult.fr/meteo-marine/mete…



Travel Guide – www.francethisway.com/places/port-de-cro…


Tides – maree.info/156

Market – Monday mornings

Restaurants – www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g641843-…