Numerous berthing options with Darthaven Marina on the east side being popular – you will catch the evening sun-though this is strictly in Kingswear-, the very upmarket Dart Marina, or the Town Quay.

There are also numerous buoys to be taken on the river. Little apart from the steam train on the east side of the river so you will need to take the tender across to Dartmouth itself, or pay the not so modest passenger fare each way on the car ferry. Dartmouth has all you need and is undeniably a fine place to stop. In Regatta week, you will struggle to get here by car…by boat…good luck to you! Do take your boat up the river at some point; there are some buoys off the Ferry Boat Inn if you fancy a pint. One of the great rivers of the south coast and a place where everyone seems to have some connection to boating.

With thanks to Gavin May for the article – 2021

There are 3 main marinas in the Dart River

Noss on Dart, Darthaven and Dart Marina

Noss on Dart

Premiere marinas own the Noss on Dart marinas…

Marina map: h

Darthaven marina

The Darthaven marina which is on the east bank at Kingswear…

Dart marina